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On Voolas, we welcome a variety of guest articles from all over the world to share their news, press releases, periodicals, and articles on this incredibly pacy platform that leads on the basis of its quality publications as the beacon of excellence in its category. Voolas has a good SEO score and reputation in the ‘Entertainment News,” “Movies” and “Celebrity” niches. We offer opportunities to get featured with your post on this popular entertainment and new website. 

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It is always important to us that writers are of high quality. This platform allows you to contribute your enthusiasm for writing about your struggles, startups, discoveries, product launches, and other categories to a wider audience. It is important to review our section for guest posts in order to avoid being rejected. In order to encourage naive and veteran writers to contribute to our Write-For-Us categories, we have created the following guidelines:

  • Technology (including IoT, Blockchain, Web 3, Robotics, AI)
  • Finance/Fintech
  • Gadgets and Gizmos
  • Start up Stories 
  • Education
  • Automotives
  • Business
  • Careers
  • Communication
  • Health and Fitness
  • Hobbies 
  • Gaming 
  • Home Improvement 
  • Internet 
  • Law
  • Self-Help
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Biography
  • New

How Guest Posts Can Change The Fate of Any Online Business From Rags to Riches?

With the help of guest posting the small businesses get a chance to scale and rise ahead of their competitors in the search results in Search Engines and Social Medias. Some of the core deriving benefits are mentioned below in detail: 

  • They Reach More Eyeballs

The number of readers our platform receives each month continues to grow as more high quality guest posts are published. A good number of new audiences get introduced to our guest authors by our community on a daily basis. In this particular field, which has the same nature and texture as yours, your shared experience may help others to scale. 

  • Backlinks from High DA/PA Platforms Increase Business’ Value

With our platform, visitors can gain backlinks for guest posts to help improve their rankings, which can help new businesses and blogs succeed. The quality references always make a difference, so the backlinks from reputable websites provide the foundation for it. 

  • SEO Benefits of a Guest Post

As well as understanding the importance of SEO, we are interested in authors who are familiar with the online scalability of businesses and factors that push it. So the blog or a small business website can benefit from our platform’s free SEO resources by getting the right readership for your blog. Using a single premium guest post, you will be able to increase your website’s SEO score to an unprecedented level for free. 

  • Ideation to Procurement 

The writers deliver from ideation to procurement, with a belief and self conviction. So students or serious business-minded people can publish their premium posts here, share them with fellows, friends or university administration for grades or generally better business ROI.  

  • Community Building 

As writers share common thoughts with their readers, they can reach a wider audience. Writers can increase their audience by reaching these genuine readers and build their own community here by writing write-for-us posts on this platform.  

  • Quality of The Posts 

It is always beneficial for the authors as a whole to focus on the quality of the content they publish here rather than quantity. Neither our platform admins nor our readers will tolerate spam, which can be very detrimental to their reputations as well as readers’. We always rank and file our guest authors’ premium content in the same rank and file as our currently trending posts on search engines and social media which is a huge benefit. 

  • Exclusive Live Support Round The Clock

You will get instant feedbacks from our editors in a couple of hours or even sooner in most of the cases. The threshold is set to a couple of hours just to set the final time period of responding to an author. The paid posts are instantly reviewed, and the author gets help in developing the content strategy. 

  • The Joy of Being Creative 

Writing brings joy to a devoted writer. It’s a virtue of sorts that enables you to hone your skills. Whenever you write a guest post, it’s always better written than the last. Audiences appreciate the author’s quality writing when they connect with him and applaud him. You now have the opportunity to open yourself up to those who will understand you and value the work you do by participating in these “Write for US” posts. 

What An Author Gets Back For A Well Written Guest Post?

Besides pushing our authors’ contents for authority backlinks to their blogs and websites, we give them an opportunity to establish their readership in our community.

In return for the valuable time our readers have given us, we expect our new prime authors to reflect that value by reflecting their experience in writing. For the new guest writers to be at ease with the requirements during their writing, we have outlined a few easy-to-follow guidelines that will help them achieve that goal. 

Guidelines For Guest Posts

  • Uniqueness 

Authors are encouraged to submit original stories, posts, press releases, periodicals or articles for publishing instantly and provide good value for you as a writer. So all those posts which are already available online will not be or if they have published them somewhere else. Please be unique in every possible way while submitting articles here. 

  • Length 

The word-length of guest posts should range from 1000 to 5000 words as a way of maintaining value and quality. Readers can gain more value from your writing if you are more descriptive. 

  • A Good Portrayal Should Come with Better Examples 

The audience always understands something better when there are examples. When you write a product review, you will want to include examples that will show other people how you view things and what you stand for. 

  • Writing Reviews 

Please be sure to include how a business or product impacts society and the value that people can derive from it if you are submitting a guest post. It is therefore important for our writers to be able to explain their pitches in a way that is both concise and clear without hustling around much. 

  • Tone 

If you are considering submitting your best piece to be published at our platform as a guest post, please do so with as much consideration as possible. The style of writing must be naturally flowing and demonstrate a flair for English. Our mission is to find a wide range of writers, not just a select genre of writers, from all classes, ethnicities, or regions able to communicate their thoughts in convincing, readable English. 

  • Article Body

As a rule of thumb, we discourage the following things in the article body:

  1. No profanity or obscene language against any religion, caste or system. 
  2. No pornographic contents of any sort or media
  3. No hate speech (constructive criticism is something else)
  4. No fake news
  5. No plagiarism 
  6. No AI written contents 
  7. No beating about the bush that wastes readers valuable time and bring zero value to you as an author
  8. No copyright infringements 
  9. No copyrighted media 

Things we accept that you can include in the article body including:

  • Press releases 
  • Free backlinks from high PA DA websites
  • Product reviews 
  • Company profiling 
  • General Purpose Guides 
  • Research-based opinions 

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We are always looking for the authors who wish to contribute and get links back to their blogs from high quality DA PA platforms.  

How to use backlinks in the guest post?

We provide a chance to backlink your website through guest posts which can be do-follow in most cases that allow Search Engines to follow. 

  • Please do no include spam links in your guest posts 
  • Make sure the links you include are HTTPS
  • No repetitive links unless they are crucial and substantial to the story follow up
  • You can include natural links which will be more valuable to your site’s ranking. 
  • The links can be dofollow and nofollow 

Sponsored Posts Almost Free 

The main motto of our offer to the authors to Write for us is mainly to encourage new writers to get featured on the high quality portals. But there  are limitations to that as an influx of posts thrown at us by bots and humans. So there’s a small fee to get your sponsored post published on our platforms which are rewarded with backlinks. 

How To Find free opportunities for guest posts on Google and Bing?

Google is the best place to look for sponsored posts opportunities to enhance the SEO of your website. We suggest search for the following keyphrases in Google:

Free Guest Posts Resources 

There are different ways we can find free to publish ‘Write for us’ opportunities and in some cases even getting paid. Here is how you should find the free DA PA websites on search engines and publish your guest posts for free. Search the following phrases in Google individually one by one, our compiled list will help you get free resources to publish your posts easily.

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You can search 1000+ free opportunities and get featured for free and in some cases might get paid for the submissions. 

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