Home Health 7 Horrifying Plastic Surgery Examples That People Actually Pay For – #6 is Horrible

7 Horrifying Plastic Surgery Examples That People Actually Pay For – #6 is Horrible

7 Horrifying Plastic Surgery Examples That People Actually Pay For – #6 is Horrible
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The world is full of horrifying plastic surgery procedures, but the following 7 procedures are particularly disgusting. Would you get any of them done?

1. Voice Lift

horrifying plastic surgery
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If you get squeamish easily then look away now, voice lift surgery is pretty icky. Basically the surgeon will slit open your neck and insert some vocal implants. Your surgeon might need to inject your chords with fat and, most horrifically, this could be fat from dead bodies.

This horrifying plastic surgery is undertaken to improve the ‘age’ of voices to make you sound 20 years younger. However, the procedure can easily go wrong leaving you with a very deep, raspy voice.

2. The Tongue Patch

horrifying plastic surgery
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Perhaps the most horrifying plastic surgery device, the tongue patch is a device that makes it too painful for someone to eat solid food. Why would you do that to yourself? The patch stays sewn on the person’s tongue for a month to ensure you stick to your extreme diet.

3. Knee Lift

horrifying plastic surgery
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There are face lifts, stomach lifts and now you can even get your knees lifted! Who knows why… Apparently this horrifying plastic surgery is very popular. The procedure is as simple as the loose skin above the knee being removed. It’s apparently a popular choice among actresses.

4. Eye Implants

horrifying plastic surgery
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Anything that involves eyes is horrifying plastic surgery to us. Eye implants involve the addition of little pieces of jewellery to the eyeball. This needs to be done by reputable professional as if done wrongly the person could lose the sight in their eye.

5. Palm Line Alterations

horrifying plastic surgery
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Particularly popular in Japan, where people can be very superstitious, people actually undertake plastic surgery to alter their fate lines. This seems like an incredibly pointless piece of plastic surgery.

6. The Toe Tuck

horrifying plastic surgery
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The toe tuck is a horrifying plastic surgery procedure that is known as the Cinderella procedure. People will pay surgeons to actually remove bits of their toes so that they fit into high heels nicer. Some procedures will even remove the entire bone from your little toe. How disgusting is that?

7. Tongue Splitting

horrifying plastic surgery
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If there was ever a way to ruin your body it’s to get your tongue split to resemble a snake. Not only is this disgusting, it’s pretty permanent. Is freaking your parents really worth all that trouble?


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