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Everything That Went Down At Apple’s iPhone SE Event

So, every year Apple holds two events! One in which it usually announces new software and maybe a few updates hardware products and then the big event in which the new iPads and the big new iPhones are announced.

However, this year, Apple have mixed things up and not only announced a new iPhone but also a few new iPads too. So let’s take you through everything that was announced so you can decide whether it was an event worth checking out or not.

The 4-inch iPhone SE

This one was long expected! Apple announced a new iPhone for those who preferred the much smaller design of 4-inches as opposed to the more adopted sizes of 4.7-5.7-inch phones.

via gsmarena.com
via gsmarena.com

The iPhone SE, as aforementioned features a 4-inch display, slightly updated in brightness and vividness but the same resolution. However, the iPhone SE features the same internals as the iPhone 6S, making it a powerhouse and making it also the most powerful 4-inch phone in the world (which is more down to the fact that Android makers don’t make 4-inch phones anymore).

It features the iPhone 6s’ 12-megapixel camera too, it supports NFC, the updated A9 processor but all housed in an identical form to the previous iPhone 5S model. Apple also reports it has better battery life than the 5S and faster LTE and WiFi speeds thanks to advancements in these technologies since the 5Ss release.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro

This one has us a little confused. So instead of releasing an updated iPad Air 3, Apple have announced that they’re bringing the iPad Pro line down to the same screen size as the original iPad line.

via techbakbak.com
via techbakbak.com

The new iPad Pro 9.7-inch will support Apple’s Pencil and has the same four speakers the iPad Pro has which is a nice addition. The speakers on the old iPad Air models were never bad, but these four new speakers will definitely be a nice addition. Oh and you can now get the 9.7″ iPad Pro in Rose Gold too, the new most popular colour in the world!

Along with the updated hardware, the new 9.7″ iPad Pro will come with a smaller version of the iPad Pro’s keyboard too, for those of you who ever may want one.

Pricing starts at $599 for the base 32GB model and goes up to $899 for the 256GB model. Apple also announced the old iPad pro will now come in a 256GB variant also for $1099.

A Cheaper Apple Watch and Bands

If you’ve been weary about getting an Apple Watch because of the introductory price point then good news, Apple have announced that they’re bringing down the price of the Apple Watch so it will not cost only $299 for the very base model.

via redmondpie.com
via redmondpie.com

This makes the cheapest possible Apple Watch now $100 cheaper than before and the mid-range Apple Watch is now valued at $350 instead of $399.

On top of that, Apple are bringing out a range of new bands for everybody to try, like they didn’t have enough already! There’s all sorts of news colours and even a cool new metal band looking one that we’re excited to see in person!

So, yeah, that’s about it for interesting news out of the Apple Event yesterday. Let us know in the comments below if any of the new devices excite you or if, like us, you feel like Apple has run out of ideas and are just offering something for absolutely everybody!


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