11 Of The Most Genius Kids’ Exam Answers To Make Your Day


Kids say and do the funniest things…they also give some of the funniest exam answers you could ever think of. Here are 11 of the most genius ones out there – let’s hope they didn’t get marked down too much!

  1. Someone’s clearly a fan of a certain Australian actor

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2. Lofty ambitions there

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3. These poor kids being asked questions even entire countries don’t have the answer to!

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4. The student did what they were asked to do and they did actually find x – here’s hoping they got the marks for it!

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5. We’re sure the examiner was looking for a different answer to this one

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6. They’re certainly heartless if they’ve continued eating while their dead friend decomposed and became a skeleton!

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7. It’s safe to say a football is roughly the length of a football!

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8. That’s one way to interpret ‘plant cell’

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9. Poor Tony…he’s just trying to get better at playing the piano only to be labelled a big nerd

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10. We’re sure this one didn’t get any marks!

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11. Technically speaking, 1895 didn’t actually end in 1896 – it ended the very second before 1896 began, but still it’s a thoughtful answer!

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