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10 Great Videos of People Who Got Exactly What They Wanted For Christmas – Be Prepared To Cry!

Sometimes Christmas gifts are more special than something just a little materialistic. Sometimes the present means so much to someone, they’ll likely remember this day for the rest of their lives. These hand-picked videos we found on Twitter show some of the truly best moments at Christmas and show what Christmas is really about. We hope these videos bring you both tears and joy and maybe even some ideas for next Christmas!

This Grandma who received the best pillow ever

Watch as this adorable Grandma receives a pillow case made out of her husband’s favourite shirt before he passed. if this doesn’t make you tear up, nothing ever will!

This little girl loves her Elsa dress

If there’s a more adorable way for a little girl to find out she’s gotten an Elsa dress for Christmas, we’d dearly like to see it. We highly doubt it exists though!

This son bought his mom a Mercedes

Sure, it may not be as cute as the previous two, but her reaction is something you can’t help but smile at!

This man who gets tickets to see his mom!

As the Tweet says, this man hasn’t seen his mom for 8 years and she doesn’t have much time left, so when he receives tickets to go see her, it’s just too much to handle.

This hilarious reaction as this girl recieves her first iPhone


Sure, you could give someone the gift of seeing their mom for the last time, or you could give them an iPhone and get the same reaction of overwhelming happiness.

This kid got a Wii U… we think!

Watch as this boy literally jumps around for joy as he gets his new favorite games console.

Granddad receives tribute to his passed wife of 62 years

Watch as this girl’s granddad receives a tribute to his wife who passed 2 years ago after they had been together for 60 years!

Getting a puppy for Christmas!


This is basically how we’d all react to being given the cutest little puppy! This son gives his mom a puppy for Christmas and she absolutely loves it, as any sane person would!

A little girl receives Justin Bieber tickets

We’re sure this is every little girl’s dreams and as this little one receives her tickets, we see the overwhelming joy every teen girl must feel about Justin Bieber.

And George Shelley gets his mom the gift of tears

Union J and I’m A Celeb lad George Shelley got his mom a picture of all her children as babies and it’s just too much for her.


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