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10 Awesome Homemade Christmas Gifts You Can Make In Few Hours – #8 is Best

A homemade gift can be the nicest type as they show a lot of thought and effort has gone into their present from you this Christmas. Once more, by home making your gifts, this can be a lot cheaper than buying individual gifts for everyone on your Christmas lists – which is always a great bonus over this expensive period. However, in order to avoid being stressed on the run up to Christmas you should get started on those lovely gifts right now.

Cinnamon Candles

via Pinterest.com
via Pinterest.com

Cinnamon candles are so cheap to make but look fabulously rustic and homemade with love. The added festive ribbon and bells/buttons complete the whole candle. Why not add a homemade, personalised tag to each candle? These are sure to be a well-received gift this year.

Sweetie Sleigh

via shelterness.com
via shelterness.com

These gifts can be made right now and be stored away to give to everyone that visits you over the Christmas season, so you never have that awkward moment of forgetting a present! They look brilliantly fun and everyone loves a bit of candy over Christmas!

Recipe Jars

via christmasgeek.com
via christmasgeek.com

Mason jars are super fashionable right now, so why not combine them into making them a gift for someone. In fact this kind of gift is great to give to families or couples, so they can all enjoy baking together; this present is also really cheap to make but looks gorgeous.

Christmas Puddings

via crafthibs.co.uk
via crafthibs.co.uk

These Christmas pudding decorations look amazing and anyone would love to receive these with the benefit of being very easy to make! They could be hung on the tree or in general places around the house as they would look great anywhere. If you made a batch of these, then you’ll never have to worry about forgetting gifts for anyone – plus you could hang some in your own home!

Reindeer Cupcakes

via bbc.co.uk
via bbc.co.uk

These reindeer cupcakes look almost too good to eat! For obvious reasons, you could make the cakes too early in order to keep them fresh but the packaging is just as important, if not more so, so get started on those personalised tags and lovely boxes; ready to simply pop the cakes in and gift them to your friends and family.

Personalised Stocking

via etsy.com
via etsy.com

Why not make some matching stockings for all the family! It will be a great surprise to see them all and by making them personalised, they look even better (plus this avoids any confusion!). By giving them all a similar decorated theme, the whole family of stockings will look great hung next to each other on the fireplace.

Hand Print Decoration

via planuente.org

If you have young children, this can be a really nice gift to give to everyone in the family and a great way to get the kids involved in the Christmas creations. These kind of presents mean so much and stay in the family for years as they have a lot of thought behind them.

Christmas Bunting

via sewsimple.com
via sewsimple.com

Bunting has become a huge household fashion craze and does look super cosy and classic when hung, so it only makes sense for it to make a great gift. It is really simple to make but can be time-consuming, so get started early this year and maybe make some for your own home!

Candy Cane Hearts

via Pinterest.com
via Pinterest.com

These candy cane hearts are a cute romantic treat to make for you loved one or all the people you love this year. They are so quick and simple to make and will last a long time as they are full of sugar! Once more, they are really cheap to make and will add something special to all the gifts you give.

Snow Globes

via minimalistic.com
via minimalistic.com

These sparkly snowglobes really capture the magic of Christmas. They are perfect for all ages being fun and exciting for kids and a little retro throwback token gifts for adults, as well as doubling up to be a really beautiful ornament or decoration.

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