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Carnivore to Vegan Overnight As A New Year Resolution 2024 – A Must See Guide That Has Helped Millions

Transitioning from a meat-eater to a vegetarian is one thing, but converting to a full plant-based diet and dropping meat cold turkey can put your body through an enormous amount of strain. So, if you have been thinking of trying out veganism for a week, a month, a year, or permanently, or have made your 2024 new year resolution to entirely turn to veggies, here are some facts you need to know (the good and the bad):

#1 Weakness and fatigue

So, if you are have held a strong stance on your new year resolution 2024 and going 100% vegan, make sure to understand that veggies lack some nutrients that you get from eating meats. As a result you will be fatigued and feel weakness. So, don’t worry just make sure to eat plenty of plant-based proteins such as soy milk, nuts and whole grains etc. Make sure to check the iron levels as our bodies don’t absorb non-haem irons found in plant-based foods as compared to haem iron found in the meats, that our body can easily absorb. So, try to eat fruits rich in Vitamin C such as kiwi, oranges and capsicum etc. There are many others things that you take to make the body absorb plant-based irons. Apart from that make sure to get Zinc and Vitamin B12, all these foods would keep you active and strong.

#2 Weight loss

It’s inevitable that cutting out fats from meat and dairy will cause you to lose some weight at first. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on your personal needs, but as long as your new resolution for 2024 goes make sure your getting enough high fat plant foods such as nuts, seeds and natural oils, it shouldn’t cause any major problems.

#3 Loss of allergies

There is evidence that shows transferring to a plant-based diet can rid you of certain allergies like hayfever and asthma, and it can also reduce the amount of colds you get. If you feel yourself becoming run down with illnesses all the time, maybe it’s time to introduce more plant-based foods into your diet.

#4 No dandruff

Contrary to popular belief, dandruff is less of a flaky skin problem and more of a diet issue as what we see most of the hair specialists are of the believe in 2024. Eating processed meats and unnatural food can cause hormonal imbalances which makes the skin produce more oil than is needed. This is the main cause of dandruff, so it makes sense that eating plants and food high in B-vitamins and omega-3 will clear that pesky dandruff better than Head and Shoulders ever could!

#5 Mood swings

When you first transition to veganism, you often experience the same withdrawal symptoms you would if you were giving up smoking up coffee. This can cause you to become moody and irritable, but it shouldn’t last more than a week or two. Just make sure you warn others about your sudden mood changes!

#6 Better joints

Science has discovered that eating mostly plants can reduce joint inflammation found in diseases such as arthritis. This is due to eating food low in saturated fat and high in protein (so fish-eaters will also see benefit here).

#7 Fatigue

We have entered in 2024, and the science of eating has improved manifolds we have already mentioned what you should eat in order to avoid temporary fatigue you might get when turning to entirely a plant-based diet. Now, many experts on YouTube have also proved becoming vegan treats chronic fatigue in the long run if you keep in mind you must take plant based proteins, iron absorbents, zinc, good sleep and Vitamin B12. However, initially you might feel fatigued but it’s going to go away forever if you keep your diet well-maintained and balanced.

#8 More energy

When you become a regular vegan, you get to eat comparatively in small intervals but comparatively much more in some cases, as compared to non-veg. As, veggies digest much more easily as compared to non-veg and they also instantly convert to energy. As a result, we get a lot of energy and also the amount of non-veg converts to waste is much more as compared to veggies’. So, eating greens means more energy.

#9 Less bacteria/cleaning

One of the biggest short-coming of non-veg is it comes with a lot of bacteria’s and requires a lot of cleaning. At the end of the day we don’t know about the health of that chicken or any other species that we are taking. On the other hand, when we take vegetables they are more likely fresh and if not we can see them. Besides, they do not have any bacteria in them. That’s why the dietitians stress on taking more green vegetables as compared to meats. The vegetables are easy to clean and always come very fresh as compared to meaty products.


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