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Benefits of Stretching & How Actually it Changes Our Body – This Would Change Anyone’s Life

Most of the health experts always advise us to do body stretching which serves to provide our physique mobility and extreme flexibility; improving the blood flow in our whole body, especially the body parts we do stretching and also saving ourselves from the uncommon injuries.
So we have done research on stretching and its benefits for our bodies that we will discuss in this post. In general, there are many benefits of stretching. It is not limited to just providing bodily flexibility it also improves overall posture, stress-release, body pain and is reckon as a provider of longevity and health to our organs. Before getting into details of benefits of stretching we must tell you that there are two most common types of stretching: Static and Dynamic. These two types are most commonly used. There are others which we practice too such as ballistic, PNF, passive and active stretching.

Here are some of the uses that we have explained further that we get from stretching.

#1 Motion Range

Body motion is entirely necessary for our health and stretching does provide that to us. It also broadens the motion range as we are able to move every joint to its full length–especially when we do stretching daily. There are tons of studies done on that as one study shows that “(PNF) is a stretching technique utilized to improve muscle elasticity and has been shown to have a positive effect on active and passive range of motions. So stretching has that effect on our body.”

#2 Mild Headache and Body Pain

A big disadvantage of today’s hectic life is we remain tense as a consequence and we often feel mild ache on a daily basis. It just is not because of our daily diet and nutrition but exercise and stretching plays a big role in all that. We can get rid of those headaches and tension by taking the right diet and stretching.

#3 Flexibility

So first of all, we get flexibility from regular stretching, there’s no other plain explanation of that. And you know what, it’s fundamental for our general health. One of the greatest benefits that I have seen over the years is it delays age-related reduced-mobility.

#4 Backpain

One of the biggest benefits of stretching is back pain relief. It provides ease and comfort to the back muscles by treating the back injuries and addressing strains in the back that we might face while sitting idle for hours, or due to ageing. So, many studies have shown that stretching is good for relieving back pain.

#5 Stress

Stress relief is another one of the biggest benefits of stretching. When we stretch, the tightened muscles release stress which could be physical or emotional. The body parts which tend to get stressed easily include neck, shoulders and other body parts. It all gets released.

#6 Relaxant

One of the biggest benefits of stretching on our body is it instantly provides relaxation. Many studies have been conducted on this thing alone. It has been seen as a great relaxant, increases focus when we take stretching regularly especially that involves meditation too.

#7 Performance & Physical Activity

So again, many athletes do different types of stretching as they are supposed to compete in that particular discipline. For instance those who compete in combat sports do all types of full body stretches to use their flexibility while competing. They do dynamic stretching in particular and have coaches for that.

#8 Blood Circulation

Many people who work for hours sitting into their chairs, face severe issues in the longer run. When they reach 50 they are unable to move their back and another major issue that they face is numbness in their muscles in legs and arms and cramps. That’s mainly due to lack of blood flow to those parts. Stretching changes all that, it simply ensures the blood circulation to all body parts. The blood flow also improves recovery in case of injury and muscle soreness.

#9 Posture

You know like we talked earlier about people who have been working from their desks for years and spend hours in their seats often face muscle issues mostly due to bad posture. Many studies show that we can get rid of musculoskeletal pain by keeping our postures right. That will help the posture in the long run.

So, we all know that stretching is the simplest form of exercise and we do not need any specific equipment for that. We can do that while sitting in our own homes. This simplistic technique can save us from every pain, stress and physical challenge in future.

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