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Nicole Scherzinger and Ed Sheeran? Here Are 8 Other Odd Celeb Couples

There’s a rumour going around the internet that there’s a new odd celeb couple. Who, you ask? None other than Ed Sheeran and Nicole Scherzinger! What’s odd about two talented singers dating you might ask. Well, we just never envisaged it… Nicole and Lewis Hamilton have been together for so long that seeing our favourite yoghurt-advertiser with anyone else is nothing short of bizarre. And we always secrely hope Ed will end up with his Swifty. No, this is just too bizarre. We don’t like it.

Yet there not the only weird celebrity couple that we’ve encountered over the years. No, there’s been some right head-scratchers out there and here are 8 of our favourites:

1. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

odd celeb couples
via Dailymail.com

She’s a tall, blonde and angelic looking Hollywood actress while Benji Madden is the short, tattoed twin from emo-punk band Good Charlotte. You would just never have put these pair together. Yet these pair have found love, tied the knot this year and are thinking about starting a family.

2. Cher and Tom Cruise

odd celeb couples
via Usmagazine.com

Yes, you read that right, back in the eighties baby-faced Tom Cruise dated Cher! The two only dated briefly due to conflicting filming schedules, however Cher believes they could have had a great romance if the time had been right. We don’t see it ourselves…

3. Colin Farrell and Britney Spears

odd celeb couples
via Gobritney.com

We never fully got to the bottom of Britney and Colin’s supposed romance rumours. Back in 2003 Farrell appeared at his premiere for The Recruit with Spears on his arm. It was bizarre at the time as Spears was still your good girl who had not long split from Justin Timberlake, while Farrell was an Irish bad boy. Whether they were dating or not, the romance certainly didn’t last long. Nor did Britney’s hair.

4. Moby and Natalie Portman

odd celeb couples
via Askmen.com

We can’t really imagine dating anyone (in fact, we’re pretty sure he’s a musically talented alien) but back in 2001 the singer dated Hollywood actress Natalie Portman. However Moby said the relationship went downhill due to all the nerds who attacked him for dating their Portman.

5. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

odd celeb couples
via Christianpost.com

When Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney began dating in 2011 after meeting on the You and I video, people thought Kinney was a bit mad. We have no idea why though! The couple are going strong, are engaged and even have their own furbaby, a French bulldog called Miss Asia Kinney. Gaga is always posting photos of the couple together and it’s clear that these two adorable oddballs are soulmates.

6. Katy Perry and Russel Brand

odd celeb couples
via Eonline.com

When the US singer announced she was marrying the hippy-looking, political comedian from England the world was a bit shocked. Which is an understatement. We were really shocked. However the couple’s cute photographs and matching tattoos won us over. Until they divorced in 2012… We’d have divorced Russel Brand too if he’d posted a picture of us with no make-up on to Twitter.

7. Edward Norton and Courtney Love

odd celeb couples
via Fashiongrunge.com

Courtney Love is a bit of a wild card at the best of times, but when we discovered that she was dating Edward Norton we were still rather shocked. They dated in the 90’s after meeting together on a set. Much like her other ex-boyfriends, Courtney has ranted about poor Ed on Twitter but, ever the gentleman, Norton has kept his lips sealed.

8. Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette

odd celeb couples
via Glamourmagazine.com

Before dating Blake Lively and Scarlet Johansson, you might not know that Ryan Reynolds dated Alanis Morissette for years. They began dating in 2002, were engaged by 2004 but separated in 2007. Morissette is said to have written the song Torch about her former fiance.

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