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14 Times Kristen Stewart Was Nothing Like Bella Swan — Because They’re Two Different People!

The character of Bella Swan is a regular source of controversy whenever The Twilight Saga comes into discussion. She is portrayed as moody, blank-minded, and worst of all, she thinks life isn’t worth living with a boy. Unfortunately the actress who played her, Kristen Stewart, is often grouped with the same negative qualities, but we’re here to tell you you’re SO very wrong! Here are 14 times Kristen totally was NOT Bella Swan:

1. When she wore this daring dress to a red carpet event.

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Let’s face it, Bella would never EVER wear this! It would only cause her to garner unwanted attention and we know how much she hates to be noticed.

2. When she said this empowering quote about self-love.

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Bella clearly had low self-esteem, which is why she was so dependent on Edward’s love.

3. When she didn’t take life too seriously.

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If only Bella had learned to make fun of herself more, maybe we could have related to her.

4. When she crushed on Natalie Portman.

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Bella’s first and only crush was Edward. Oh, and Jacob… Which one did she choose again?

5. When she had the cutest laugh.

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For those who say Kristen Stewart never smiles…

6. When she took an interest in animals other than wolves… like cats.

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Bella probably didn’t like cats.

7. When she rocked short hair better than any man ever did.

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Bella Swan wasn’t allowed to have short hair in case the sniffer-vampires caught a whiff.

8. When her wants were much simpler.

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Bella wanted to make out with a vampire, walk in a dark alleyway at night, sleep in the damp woods, crash a motorcycle, jump off a cliff, befriend a wolf, get bitten by a vampire, marry a vampire and have vampire babies.

9. When she had something deep to say.

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“I’d rather die than to stay away from you”, said Bella.

10. When she could kiss without looking like she was in intense pain.

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*tries to forget that awkward drawn out scene in Twilight*

11. When she went swimming and didn’t have to jump off a cliff to get in the water.

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“I was cliff jumping. It was…fun”. No you weren’t, Bella. You were attention-seeking!

13. When she could sparkle without the brutality of turning into a bloodthirsty vampire.

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See Bella! That was all you needed to do… wear a sequinned cardigan, don’t almost get yourself killed just so you can shimmer in the sunlight!

14. When she didn’t change herself for anyone.

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Girls, if you want a good female role model….choose Kristen Stewart over Bella every time!


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