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17 Geeky Kids That Cosplay Better Than You

Adults that cosplay are cool, but it’s the kids that cosplay our favourite geeky things that really capture our hearts. There’s something about seeing a cute kid dressed as the likes of Batman, Zelda and other characters that makes us go “awwww”!

And to celebrate kids that cosplay, here are 17 of our favourite geeky kids:

1. This Mini-Doctor Who

kid dressed as Doctor Who
via Tumblr.com

This Doctor Who Junior is ridiculously adorable. Just look at him with his mini Tardis and Sonic Screwdriver. So cute. And remember – bow ties are cool!

2. Assassin Creed Kid

Kid dressed as Assassins Creed
via Fashionablygeek.com

When one mum decided to make her son an Assassins Creed costume, she didn’t realise just how much it would increase his sneak level. Better watch out for that cookie jar with this sneak master on the loose.

3. Newborn Harry Potter

newborn baby dressed as harry potter
via Beansproutphotography.com

Well is this baby not just adorable? He/She is probably going to be mortified when this photograph is on their 18th birthday cake, but in the mean time enjoy your geeky baby.

4. Young Star Lord

kid star lord cosplay with groot
via Fashionablygeek.com

This kid gives Chris Pratt a run for his money in the cuteness stakes – which is hard in itself. From his Sony cassette player to his baby Groot, this little Star Lord is perfection.

5. Baby Knitted Zelda

baby dressed as zelda
via Pinterest.com

Just because your baby’s granny wants to knit her new grandchild an outfit doesn’t mean it has to be something pink and fluffy. Instead send pictures of your favourite video game character and you might get something as cool as this Zelda baby.

6. Little Leeloo

kid cosplay leeloo and zorg
via Fashionablygeek.com

Leeloo is not just an incredible character from Fifth Element, but she is also one of the most memorable female heroes in film. Which makes this pint-sized Leeloo look extra tough and extra cute, she’ll take on Zorg easy.

7. Mini Iron Man

kid cosplay iron man
via Pinterest.com

With that hair and that facial hair, this kid is nailing his Tony Stark swagger.

8. Baby Godzilla

godzilla kid costume
via Fashionablygeek.com

Some kids want to grow to be an astronaut or a policeman. This kid? He wants to be Godzilla. Hopefully he doesn’t destroy too many cities.

9. Little indiana Jones

kid indiana jones
via Insider.de

If Hollywood are looking for a new, younger Indiana Jones then this kid should be first in line.

10. Cabbage Patch Kids

kids with cabbage patch baby hats
via Fashionablygeek.com

These knitted Cabbage Patch Kids are very amusing. Another idea to send to granny to knit for you.

11. The Puppet from Saw

puppet from saw kid
via Fashionablygeek.com

The kids so far have been adorable, this kid isn’t. He’s downright creepy and nails his cosplay of the Puppet from Saw. Eeeeek!

12. Chief Brody Junior

jaws cosplay Chief Brody
via Cheezburger.com

This has to one of the greatest Halloween costumes ever. What’s better is that it was the son who wanted the costume.

13. Baby Princess Leia

Princess Leia Baby
via Fashionablygeek.com

Get your daughter dressing as a geeky Disney Princess from a young age like these parents. Just how adorable is little rebel?

14. Batman Haircut

batman kid haircut
via Cheezburger.com

This kid becomes the Dark Knight with his awesome Batman haircut. If only us adults could get away with haircuts like this at work.

15. Mini RoboCop

kid dressed as robocop
via Dailywhat.com

This kid is protecting the rough streets of Detroit with his awesome RoboCop cosplay. Even the local police look impressed.

16. Little Predator

kid dressed as predator
via Fashionblygeek.com

This kid will give you the fear. You definitely don’t want to meet him in a dark alley – great costume though.

17. Cyclops Junior

kid dressed as cyclops
via Fashionblygeek.com

Forget X-Men, this boy is the leader of the X-Kids! This Cyclops kid is very cute, he just needs a mini-Magneto to take on.

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