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Top 10 Celeb Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow

Whether you’re a regular user of Pinterest or are new to the site, these 10 great celebrities all have Pinterest accounts and boards that you definitely need to check out and follow, or your Pinterest experience just won’t be complete!

 Pinterest- Ashley benson

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson has an eclectic taste which ranges from food and cakes to style. Along with boards such as ‘Lovely’ and ‘Yummy Food’ you’ll find interior design and décor too. One of Ashley’s most well populated boards is called ‘Sayings’ and shows her favourite quotes.

Pinterest- Coco RochaCoco Rocha

Coco Rocha’s Pinterest is full of fashion and style images which is nothing less than you’d expect from the model and fashion muse. There is also a New York fashion week board which features Coco’s own photos from the fashion shows along with a board called Ioni’s Nursery which refers to her daughter.

Pinterest- Jessica albaJessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s Pinterest board are more bohemian than other celebrities with ‘Outdoor Bedroom’ and ‘Dream House Landscape’ showing Jessica’s interesting taste in décor. One of her most popular board is named ‘My Style’ and shows off both catwalk and street fashion photos that have been hand picked by the star, perfect if you’re a fan of her fashion sense and what to get a look into how she plans her outfits.

Pinterest- Diana keatonDiane Keaton

Diana Keaton is known for her acting, directing and writing roles and her Pinterest account is well worth a follow. If you’re a lover of black and white photos then you’ll appreciate Diane’s style which takes a look at everything from interiors to landscapes.

Pinterest- Martha stewartMartha Stewart

The Martha Stewart Pinterest boards are full of homeware, décor, baking and tips. There are over 160 boards on the account which means that everything is categorised into different events or areas of the home to make it easy to find particular things. The boards with the most pins relate to baking and Christmas but there are lots of tips and tricks to be found for all the seasons and holidays of the year. Another great category of boards is food and cooking related topics, which will please anyone who enjoys being in the kitchen or would like to spend more time there.

Pinterest- Haylie duffHaylie Duff

Haylie Duff is also very keen on food and recipes as she hosts a cookery show on the Cooking Channel. As well as this, you can find boards relating to décor, tattoos, beauty and style on her Pinterest account. There’s a big choice in what to follow as even just the décor images are split into different boards, for example ‘Dream Home’, ‘Cabin’, ‘Modern House’ and ‘Farm House’.

Pinterest- oprahOprah

Oprah is a great celebrity to follow on Pinterest if you want to always have something new to look at, whether that’s inspiration or uplifting quotes as well as images related to the woman herself. With over 11,500 pins and 40 boards, there is a large amount of photos on Oprah’s account which makes it definitely worth a follow.

Pinterest- Ellen degeneresEllen Degeneres

One of the best boards on Ellen’s account is related to animals and there she shows off photos of cute and adorable pets. The board named ‘Funny’ is also popular and is one to follow if you’re a fan of her sense of humour. Ellen is a great person to follow if you enjoy her talk show along with topical news as she posts a diverse collection of images onto her Pinterest boards.

Pinterest- Lauren conradLauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is known for her website and books that help women to be stylish, beautiful and to have a lovely home, and her Pinterest account is no different. Everything is bright and light in colour, and although there aren’t as many boards as with other celebrities, there are a lot of images to look at. The most popular board is definitely ‘wear’, onto which Lauren pins her favourite fashion outfits and style tips.

Pinterest- Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has very similar boards to other female celebrities, but all her photos have her own bohemian style twist which makes her account unique. From travel photos to hair inspiration, Vanessa’s account is a brilliant one to follow if you’re a fan of her and her sense of style.


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