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Vegan Speed Dating Is Now A Thing, Does Diet Define Dating?

Should diet define dating? Recently, it is fair to say vegan awareness is on the up and people are jumping on the band wagon all the time! Being a vegan is all about health, eating natural foods that do not come from or contain any source of an animal so say goodbye to cheesy pizza and chocolate biscuits! People are becoming vegan to be kinder to their bodies, to lose those extra pounds or just have a bit more of a guilt-free conscience! However, being vegan does throw in a few curve balls when it comes to socialising as there are largely fewer choices on menus which might make your date judge you slightly when you’re asking for all the dishes!

via omorphsis.com
via omorphsis.com

However, for any single vegans, fear not as there is now such thing as vegan dating! Yes, you heard right, dating exclusively for people that choose to live the vegan life only. This has tons of benefits such as ease of eating together, shared common interests which are likely to make a good match (in theory!). But should dating really revolve around diet? If you like someone then surely how they choose to eat should not matter or make a difference. The set up for the specified dating is based in London where it costs £15 to even enter, where there will be a speed date style scenario where people can hop across tables after a certain amount of time is up and fire away some quick questions to see if the person opposite is going to be stood down the end of your wedding aisle!

via listovaive.com
via listovaive.com

There are lots of pros to this type of dating and as veganism becomes increasingly more popular, there becomes an increasingly negative view of the diet which makes the joke of the particular eating habits often down to lack of education. However, if you have experienced this as a vegan whilst on a date, as it’s bound to be noticeable if you’re eating dinner, this is a sure way to knock your dating confidence, so vegan dating offers a positive alternative! What do you think about vegan speed dating, another crazy fad or a really cool idea?


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