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Persuasive Reasons Why You Should Own a Siamese Cat

Cats are amazing pets. They’re loyal, affectionate and very entertaining. None more so than the Siamese breed, which is why you need a Siamese cat in your life.

Here’s our favourite Siamese kitty traits:

1. Siamese cats are sassy

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From the moment you get your Siamese cat you’ll realise this is no ordinary moggy. This cat has some serious cattitude.

2. They sleep in weird places

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Bought a really expensive, comfy cat bed? You’ll more likely to find your Siamese somewhere bizarre – like on top of your fridge.

3. But that doesn’t mean they don’t demand comfort

via Stuffpoint.com

Expect them to demand the comfiest spot in the house.

4. Like plants, they need lots of sunshine

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Like a moth to a flame, as soon as there’s a bit of sun your Siamese will be bathing in it.

5. They’ll hold a conversation with you

If you’re one of those people that talks to yourself, you’ll find your Siamese will talk back to you. Which is rather adorable.

6. They get on well with dogs

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Or, at least, they’ll make slaves out of them.

7. They’ll even help bath your dog

via Latimesblogs.latime.com

Because dogs are smelly and need cleaned.

8. They don’t appreciate baths from humans though

Via Home.comcast.net

Bath your Siamese at your own risk…

9. And they don’t like it when their human goes for a shower

Never expect to have a peaceful shower again!

10. You can teach them to play fetch


And they’ll do it much better than any dog could.

11. You can even teach them to fetch your post


They really are a useful breed.

12. You can teach your Siamese to go for walks

via Youtube.com

Just think how cute you will both look going for a stroll.

13. Siamese cats were used to guard kings

via Soravij.com

According to history the Kings of Siam would have Siamese cats sat beside them. If anyone threatened the king they pounce. Who wouldn’t want a guard cat like that!

14. You get lots of different colours of Siamese

Via Siamese-cat-breeder.co.uk

Including this gorgeous ginger – sorry apricot – point cutie.

15. They make cute little chirping noises

Trying to catch a fly, this Siamese makes some very funny noises.

16. They are super affectionate

Who wouldn’t want a kitty as friendly as this?

17. They are a bit naughty though…

Like this naughty kitten who stole a loaf of bread. But he’s so cute you forgive him.

18. Once you have one Siamese you’ll want more

via Siamese-cats.com

Once you realise that they’re the best pet around, you’ll want lots of Siamese cats!

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Steph Cosway
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