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Real Ways To Make Money Online in One Hour $100-$1000 Without A Regular Job

After the Covid-19 situation everyone wants to make money online and give home based businesses their best. As making money online requires little to no cost, these home based businesses also do not require special equipment unless you are dealing in some kind of a hard core business. All you need is a computer, laptop or a gadget. In many cases a tablet or a phone would do that job. The working hours are also flexible left to the choosing of the doer. There are real ways you can make money online in one hour from $100-1000 without a regular job once you have established a name for yourself. Many system admins, web developers and even skilled individuals make huge profits. 

On the one side Covid-19 infused an influx of people into the online money making arena, it has also widened the eCommerce market. The investors have also increased like never before pushing the whole eCommerce industry to a whole new level as it has become very lucrative. 

If you are someone looking to make money online and make most of your time, this post explains everything in detail. 

This post ‘Real Ways To Make Money Online From Home Without A Regular Job’ money making methods post is divided into two separate parts: in the first part you learn the top 10 quick ways to make money online while in the second part you see 25 long term strategies to make money online.

Top 10 Quick Ways to Make Money Online

  1. Rate, Review and Test platforms/websites
  2. Lend Voice
  3. Complete Online Surveys
  4. Try Mystery Shopping
  5. Test Games and Apps
  6. Sell Stock Photos and Footage
  7. Sell Second-Hand Items
  8. Sell School Notes
  9. Carry Out Micro Jobs
  10. Sell Art and Designs

Top 25 Long-Term Strategies on How to Make Money Online

  1. Make Money Blogging
  2. Join an Affiliate Program
  3. Build an eCommerce Website
  4. Open a Dropshipping Store
  5. Sell a Course Online
  6. Teaching Online 
  7. Create a Subscription Service
  8. Sell Advertising Space
  9. Create a Job Board Portal
  10. Buy and Flip Websites
  11. Start a YouTube Channel
  12. Apply for Freelance Jobs
  13. Become a Website Developer
  14. Become a Graphic Designer
  15. Become a Content Writer
  16. Become a Video Game Streamer
  17. Become an Influencer
  18. Start Digital Marketing Services
  19. Create an App
  20. Create a Podcast
  21. Become a Travel Consultant
  22. Publish eBooks
  23. Start Email Marketing Campaigns
  24. Become a Virtual Assistant
  25. Invest in Stocks

How to Choose the Best Way to Make Money Online

In order to choose the right way to make your first $100 in a short time is a skill. You need to figure out what you are good at first. Read in this post about the online money making sources that we have mentioned and choose the fitting one. In the first batch we have mentioned quick ways to make your first $100-$500 and if you are really that good you can easily make $100 a day online. This is quite a sum to have just keep reading this money making guide you will find the truth in it as most of them you have already seen online. 

An internet connection makes nearly everything accessible, regardless of location or device. If you are looking for ways to make money immediately, consider our top picks:

You need three things to start earning right now: a gadget (laptop/PC, Phone), an internet connection and niches you are good at:

  1. Rate, Review and Test platforms/websites/apps. You might have heard about it already, you can make money by just reviewing or testing websites. 
  2. Voice Lending- Lend your voice for audiobooks and video voice-overs
  3. Online Surveys – Taking online surveys has become an industry itself, you can take surveys and get paid for your opinion about different things. 
  4. Review Brands – You can test and publish reviews about different products as a customer. 
  5. Become a Testing Dev – Test apps and software and give your honest opinion if you have a knack for app development. 
  6. Stock Footage and Photography – You can always take photos with your phone/camera and sell them on stock footage platforms. 
  7. Used Items – You can always make an extra buck by selling second hand items. Those can be your own purchased on a much cheaper price somewhere else. 
  8. School & College Notes – This online business is very popular among the students of college and university, while studying they are selling their notes as an extra side-hustle. 
  9. Micro Online Jobs – If you already have a steady income from a regular source you can always add extra bucks to your account by doing micro jobs online 2-4 hours every day. 
  10. Selling Digital Art – If you are an artist you can always sell your art or designs online. 
  1. Rate, Review and Test platforms/websites

Rating and reviewing websites/apps is a booming industry. You are supposed to review a website and get paid. The Web development industry is booming and freelancers are helming it. There are few basic skills that you should have and definitely if someone is going to pay you, you are supposed to show your expertise. 

If you know the web development bit and have a critical eye for improvement of websites, this single freelancing niche can make you a lot of money. You are supposed to check backend, frontend, functionality, design, theme, ads and so on. There is a room for learning as well. 

The web dev testers get paid as per project and skills. Each platform may have a different set of rules for payment than the other, usually you can make $4-120 for each web testing. If you diagnose an issue and come up with solutions you are likely to be paid extra. 

There are many platforms which offer web testing services and you can join any of them for free. We have mentioned some of the web testing marketplaces below: 


It’s not related to Uber Technologies Inc. in any way, a crowdsourced testing service which targets different platforms such as websites, apps and games. 


UserBrain offers a tool for UXP for various digital products that need to be tested. 


The users on TestBirds can join and test different eCommerce offers, stores, apps and tons of digital products. 


UserLytics is a huge platform that offers a number of services apart from reviewing websites and apps. The members can show their expertise on specific digital products. 


TryMyUI is another platform that offers video feedback about the web and app testing to the clients. 

  1. Lending Voice 

Lending your voice or doing voice over for commercials and videos is a new gem in the cap of freelancing. It can help you make your first $100 quicker than any other online job. All the voice over jobs are project based, so there is no need for committing yourself to a single entity or source. We have mentioned below some of the sources where you can lend your voice for a number of things. 


AudioBooks is a popular niche. We have seen almost every other book on Amazon and other platforms available in audio form as well. When you voice over or lend your voice for telling stories, novels, biographies in the fiction and non-fiction categories. 

Audio Commercials 

One can also lend voice for voice-overs or audio commercials that run on radios or during the podcasts. All white-board videos are done through voice over. 

Animated Movies & Trailers 

There are many commercial videos, movies, trailers and events that require voices of different artists for their projects. All animated movies and explainer videos require voice over. 

Audio Guides & Explainers 

Audio guides are a rich field for those who think their voice makes a difference.They are used by the art galleries, museums and libraries etc. 

Earning from lending your voice depends on the length of the project/script. If you are an American you can make $31/hr average for voice overs. If you are experienced you can make even $100 or more, it depends how much talent you can lend. 

The freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr are the best platforms for such works. On the other hand, you can sign up for Voices or ACX which facilitate authors and freelancers.  

To prepare for voice-over work, set aside a few hours of your day to try out sample scripts and see which niche fits your voice and style the best. Knowing your strengths will help market your services to the right clients.

If you are inexperienced in this field and want to start your voice-over career, you can bring any script to life. You can practice by redoing the voice over of your favorite animes or audio books to get in the mainstream. Please note that having better equipment always works better and you can get better by hanging in there for a long time. Having a high quality microphone, recording software and a soundproof small room is a great way to begin with. 

  1. Online Surveys

Online surveys have risen recently to the reach of common net surfers although it has existed for long. The companies offer services to brands to find out about the public opinions about their products. It’s not possible without surveys. Those who take surveys are paid a portion to opine about different products. These surveys help brands make better products and use the feedback for making their future decisions. 

This is a better way to use your spare time. An average survey takes 15-30 minutes. The more surveys you take the better reputation you build. 

Taking surveys is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are several reasons for that such as: 

  • Payments – Payments for surveys are delayed as the companies review answers before making payments. The payouts are very low. For 30-minutes survey you get paid around 20 cents. So everyone might not be interested in it and that time spell is also huge. 
  • Demography – So everyone cannot every survey on any given survey website. If you live in Canada you might not be able to take a survey about USA dairy farms. They are very targeted at a certain age, location and products.
  • Time- These surveys consume a lot of time while the actual return on them is the lowest. Some surveys might make you $1-2 but that would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Otherwise it usually falls before $0.60 on average.

If the potential drawbacks would not stop you, here are the few platforms:

  • Swagbucks – This platform offers plenty of options to earn from surveys, videos, games and many other micro jobs to earn. 
  • Survey Junkie – It offers a large variety of surveys and the brands pay for them. 
  • Harris Poll Online – You can partake in polls to answer surveys and redeem your points on gift cards or wallets. 
  1. Try Mystery Shopping

If you are a shopaholic, mystery shopping is your best bet to take. Many product vendors and companies invite independent mystery shoppers to examine their services without their employees knowing about it. Your duty is to monitor their customer service, storefronts and quality of products. 

You can also do the mystery shopper job remotely. There are many companies which offer this service. Your duties will be to monitor the call center and rate the shopping experience on online stores. 

Check below some of the popular mystery shopping platform gigs: 

  • MarketForce – This platform offers mystery shopping gigs of grocery stores, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies and convenient stores to test their goods and services.
  • BestMark – This platform offers mystery shopping opportunities for monitoring and evaluation of services..
  • Secret Shopper – This platform invites shopping enthusiasts to monitor and evaluate phone services all over the world for different companies. 

The payouts for each of your gig varies depending on the quality of results and the company you took the job for. You are returned all the money that you spent for testing, purchases, vouchers and gift cards. On average a mystery shopper can earn about $10-25 for a single gig. 

One thing should be noted here, not a single platform that offers mystery shopping gigs requires any payment for registration. Never pay for sign ups; they are free. 

  1. Test Games and Apps

By the end of 2021s, the video game industry increased to a whopping  $178.73 billion recording a 14.4% increase from what it was in 2020. 

The Covid-19 has also fueled this industry and today it enjoys the largest share in the digital media market globally. With increase in consumption of games, platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming furthered this. Now there are so many opportunities that the gaming industry offers for the global audience. 

Today, you can become a game tester in this industry and this is one of the lucrative jobs. You can make a good deal of money by just testing apps and games. On the other hand, there are some games which offer rewards for just playing and collection points. Later that can be withdrawn. One such online platform Mistplay offers this opportunity to perform tasks and earn coins that can be redeemed on gift cards or transferred using online transfers. 

The Global Beta Test Network by Keywords Studios is another giant platform for gaming buffs to test games and get paid for that. There are hundreds of other games that pay and studios that offer beta testing paid gigs. 

Please note, don’t just throw your personal details on any such platform without running a little background check on them or at least checking them Trustpilot, Twitter and Reddit etc. It will clearly tell you whether or not they are scammers. Otherwise, your personal data including bank information will get sold without your knowledge. 

  1. Sell Stock Photos and Footage

Almost every brand and or a company uses stock footage for their ads, campaigns, websites and social media channels. The companies look for solid photos and videos which offer standard quality, they get paid well for. 

Selling stock footage and photos online is an old arena and many have made millions through it. Even if you are not a professional photographer or videographer you can still make a good deal of money out of it with just a small drone. If you are a pro drone pilot or photographer you can always make a good deal of money by selling your drone footage or photos online. There are many such platforms which offer their services to brands and invite freelance photographers and videographers. 

There are two ways to make money with your photos and videos: either start your own website to sell your contents or use a digital marketplace for that. By using an established marketplace you can make a name for yourself and later sell them your work. 

Some of the biggest stock photography and videography websites include:

  • Shutterstock – One of the most popular platforms that offers a good deal of money depending on the sales made over the year. There are different levels of earning that you can enjoy. 
  • Getty Images – You can enjoy royalty of 15-45% for your footage. It has a wide range of customers that are associated with it from Hollywood restaurateurs to  clothing lines. There is so much that can be done on this platform. 
  • VideoHive – One of the important extended businesses of Envato Ecosystem. There are many ways to make your videos on this platform. 
  • Dissolve – This platform offers to sell your stock photos and videos and get paid 30% flat off your sales. If you are an exclusive seller you can make even more money. 
  1. Sell Second-Hand Items

You can sell or rent out all the second-hand items and articles from your home to make a good passive income. If you find the business lucrative you buy trade off as well or buy from one place and sell at the other.  You can host all these items on your own website as well and then sell them. 

Don’t forget to take the photos first because you will need them on many occasions. Even if it’s on your own website you will still need high quality product photos. 

Clothing and books can be sold well in this category. It’s expected that the second-hand market will reach $77 billion by 2026. So it’s a growing market. So you can always start ahead of time and make a name for your new clothing line. 

There are many online platforms which you can join to give a head start for second-hand accessories. Some of these platforms are mentioned below:

  • Tradesy – You can start your clothing, bags, shoes and other women accessories on this platform. 
  • Etsy – Etsy is probably the most popular platform where you can not just sell second hand items but also art and craft as well. Most of the unique items get sold here. 
  • Rebelle – You can start your branded clothing line on Rebelle and sell second hand items as it’s already a popular platform. 
  • Depop – If you are into vintage stuff, sports wear and of course jewelry items. There are a lot of ways you can make money on Depop. 

There are tons of other items that you can sell second-hand such as furniture, gadgets, cars and so on and so forth. There is a huge market for second hand cars in the USA alone, the statistics show people have this hobby as well to buy items for cheap and sell them on for some profit. Here are some details about the most popular platforms to make money selling second hand items online. 

Some of the best online selling sites for used items are discussed below in detail with the potential USPs. 

  • Facebook – Facebook has the biggest market for almost everything and you can sell anything to make a profit on top of it. 
  • eBay – This platform is the most popular one for selling or buying all types of second-hand products including gadgets, laptops, collectibles and even cars. 
  • Gadget Salvation – The gadget salvation platform is a place to sell or buy second hand gadgets, laptops,tablets and even phones. 
  • Reverb – This platform offers a chance to everyone for making money online from their all type music gear. 
  • Fat Llama – You can list your items here for leasing and making money. 
  1. Sell School Notes

The safest bet is to sell notes containing general but insightful information about a subject, such as modules, flashcards, and study guides. Be careful not to present your notes as facts since they are supplementary study documents.

If you are a student you can always sell school notes. You can make notes and sell them online. It generates a good passive income for them. Before doing any of that, make sure you are not selling any copyright material or disclosing your own assignments. 

Here are the best places where you can sell your notes online:

  • Nexus Notes – You can get flat 50% on each of your notes sell 
  • NoteXchange – This platform offers best opportunities for selling notes and you can make around $5-40 and absolutely 100% commission for affiliate sign ups. 
  • Notesgen – This platform has more than 5 million active users and most of them are students. They can sell their handwritten notes and other study related guides.
  • OneClass – This platform offers about 20% commission which is recurring if anyone sign up through you. 
  1. Micro Online Jobs

Micro online jobs have saved a large chunk of online freelancers, and from college students to retired ones are still getting paid well. Micro jobs could be termed as temporary jobs paid as per task most of the time and payouts range between $1-50/task. So if you are a student hunting methods to make money online without committing to any company for long, this is your venue to score sixers. They don’t take much time, best for making a quick buck and more than one job can be done in a single day. You can make a couple of hundreds a day if you know the drill. 

All the freelance journalists, photographers, videographers, web developers and programmers are actively doing these small jobs to make both ends meet. This industry saved a portion of online fraternity during the Covid-19 situation. So you can do data entry, VA and many other small freelance jobs in this domain. 

Check out these sources of online you can also look on local classifieds:

  • Fiverr – the most popular platforms for all kinds of micro jobs, from graphic designing  to web development, sky’s the limit.
  • Amazon – Freelancers who are good at videography, photography and many other small skills can earn a good deal of money. 
  • Appen – Appen is another popular platform for different micro jobs related to data processing. 
  1. Sell Art and Designs

Selling digital products is one of the best ways for artists to make money.


You can immedialtey start selling on ArtStation website and many others to make some quick bucks. Alternatively, sell artwork and designs independently via another sales channel like your social media account. Facebook had 2 billion+ monthly active users, and Instagram had 1 billion+ as of January 2022. Such numbers make these platforms great for increasing exposure.

Selling on social media is a good way to make money fast, especially if you promote your art on specific networks.

If you are an artist you can always sell your art online. Almost all types of art can be sold online depending on the type you can choose the source for selling as well. The popular marketplaces for selling art are ArtStation, DeviantArt, OpenSea and many others. However, you can create your own website and sell through it as well. Nowadays, most expensive NFTs have made digital art a prime attraction for artists, developers and investors. You can use FaceBook and Instagram to sell your art as well. They both have a huge market.

We can use blogs, websites, Social Media channels for promoting our art. Reddit and twitter are the best places to get the desired followers for your digital and conventional art. For instance you can share the development of your art and increase followers. You can not just sell art but make videos about art and courses about art as well. Just create engaging content, use proper hashtags and share it online. You will notice a significant growth in your audience. The Reddit subreddits are the best way to get your direct customers and followers. 

ArtStation like big marketplaces offer 95% commission of your sales as well. There’s no substitute for it. However, if you sell your art as NFTs you can enjoy far bigger profits which is a huge niche and still growing. 

Top 25 Long-Term Strategies on How to Make Money Online

Since we have discussed a lot about how to make money online quickly, now we are going to discuss methods to make money online for a long time. Here are these free methods to make money online quickly for a long time. Unlike the previous free money making methods, these methods require your skills, time and of course some initial investment. 

#1 Make Money Blogging

In the last decade blogging is the niche which has grown no other even though it’s just text. Still  people follow certain important people for certain things. It’s huge in many ways. You can make money through Ads, affiliates and sponsors. If you know the skill of writing, it’s your cup of tea. Through blogging you can share personal opinions and establish your brand. Gradually you will see the growth in subscribers. The most popular examples are Anywhere We Roam and Say Yes. There are few popular blog niches such as travel, food, books and leisure. 

#2 Running Affiliate Marketing Campaigns 

Affiliate marketing campaigns generate consistent and more income than sponsors and ads. Most of the YouTube and Blogging community relies on it to keep creating content. You can promote products, services, businesses and digital goods through it. There are many ways to make money online with affiliate marketing. If someone follows your link and makes a purchase or signs up you get a commission for that.

Bloggers can make hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing. The exact earnings will depend on the number of affiliate programs they’re a part of and the blog’s readership size.

Combined with blogging, affiliate marketing can generate a good income for you. Joining related affiliate marketing campaigns can generate more income, if your blog is about technology you should join an affiliate program like Hostinger. 

Here are some of the most profitable affiliate programs to make money from:

  • Amazon Associates Program -. Amazon comes top of all affiliate programs as it offers 20% flat commission. It is the most used affiliate program across the internet world. 
  • CJ or Commission Junction – If you are into coupon codes and shopping business niche this one is just spot on platform. 
  • BeRush – The content marketers can use this program that offers them a $200 flat commission rate for every Semrush sale. For all type of SEO services this is the best affiliate program 
  • eBay Affiliate Network – For every type of second hand stuff, eBay is heaven. You can apply for its partner program to enjoy affiliate commissions. 
  • TripAdvisor – All the travel related contents and query blogs, YouTube channels can generate a handsome amount as affiliate commissions through TripAdvisor. 
  • GetResponse – This affiliate program offers recurring commission for the returning users. So you can join this program. 
  • Envato – For developers and programmers, Envato market offers a wide opportunity to enjoy affiliate commission. 

If you have a WordPress website you can use the AffiliateWP plugin to maximize on your affiliate campaigns by managing multiple affiliate programs. 

#3 Build an eCommerce Website

Besides having a broader market reach, eCommerce stores require lower startup costs. You’ll be able to save money on operational expenses since you won’t need different retail locations.

eCommerce has seen a record increase in recent years and it’s the best way to make money online. Not just that, many popular eCommerce stores of today started small and eventually grew into a marketplace of their own. 

There are few things you need to undertake before venturing into eCommerce business:

Niche – Decide which niche you want to target like women clothing line, men’s shoes or vegan products etc. 

Competition – Always research to see the competition against your specific niche. Otherwise you might lose your money on that. 

Here’s a compilation of the four best eCommerce platforms for building your own online store Check these eCommerce stores to launch your own eCommerce business:

  • WooCommerce – This platform offers many resources to build your eCommerce store for WordPress. You will get all the necessary tools to build it. 
  • Shopify – Shopify as its name suggests provides the right tools for your webfront store. It has built-in kits for improving your site’s reputation including SEO tools for it.
  • PrestaShop – Get product management and analytics tools to manage your eCommerce store. 
  • Zyro – This website builder will help you build your store from scratch with free web-builder and AI powered tools and get your first eCommerce store built and running. 

There are few things you need to perform before starting your eCommerce business. Make sure you have a business plan, inventory details, warehousing, packaging and shipping research done. If your business needs a license, location, registration, tax information and federal permits. 

#4 Open a Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping businesses are the norm of the day. They are basically B2C businesses that let people sell their products using third-party suppliers such as Amazon and AliBaba etc to provide finished goods and services to the customers. As compared to the eCommerce businesses, dropshipping does not require inventory handling, manufacturing and shipment. All is done by the third party, FBA is a better example in this case. 

Starting a dropshipping store is similar to creating a regular online store – it involves choosing a niche and an eCommerce platform. The main difference is that dropshippers have to find the perfect supplier, too. Supplier quality can make or break the business.

It helps you quickly start your online business and earn profits on someone else’s products. Here is the complete guide to start your dropshipping business from scratch:

  • Modalyst – It provides the right tools to integrate products from thousands of global suppliers. Make your move and start earning right now once you have fulfilled the basic requirements. 
  • Spocket – Provides a range of worldwide suppliers with simple integration tools to start your dropshipping store on Shopify or WooCommerce. 
  • SaleHoo – SaleHoo is used by thousands of dropshipping vendors due to its ease of use and vetted supply line from global manufactures. It also has a very vibrant community. 

#5 Sell a Course Online

Selling courses online is the next big thing in today’s growing internet economy. The industry is expected to reach $400 billion by the end of 2026. If you have knack on a subject you can enjoy a tremendous amount of money by just creating a course and selling it online. The online courses can be in the form of videos, PDF with premium links to download them for a set price tag.

Most popular courses that are sold online these days include finance, computer science, information technology, blockchain development and web development. There are tons of others as well. It depends on your expertise in a specific subject. 

You can either join an eLearning platform like Udemy, Coursera or launch your own course website to make money online. The former is very easy while the later requires initial investment but also offers tons of more opportunities to make money. 

Here are some of the popular course selling marketplaces where people get eLearning opportunities: 

  • SkillShare – You can sell your course materials developed on video format and also directly interact with the students online on this platform. 
  • Teachable – Thousands of people sell courses on this platform. The categories are numerous to choose from and you can also get a chance to be featured on Spotlight, an eLearning marketplace powered by Teachable and Hotmart.
  • Pathwright – An exclusive platform for design, teaching and much providing active learning through actionable steps.
  • Udemy – You can upload and sell courses about programming, IT, video editing, videography and audio development and hundreds of other categories. These are just a few examples. 
  • Podia – Podia offers tons of opportunities for selling digital downloads for experts. You get tools to create your courses and sell them on Podia. 

#6 Teaching Online 

Make money by giving on-demand lessons and providing personalized feedback. You will create lesson plans, learning modules, and keep track of the student’s progress.


If you have been teaching all your life or even if you want to make it your career path, you can teach online through Zoom or Skype and get paid through online payment methods. There are few platforms which offer these services that you can join. 

There are tons of subjects to teach online that you can choose from to tutor online including biology, mathematics, computer science and hundreds of more. If you have certification in a certain subject, it will push your career very high as compared to those who don’t have. Few things that you need to teach online including a stable internet connection, a phone/laptop and an application like Zoom or Skype. 

Here are our top 4 popular tutoring platforms that you can join:

  • TutorMe – This platform lets teachers find and connect with students. 
  • Tutor.com – The teachers from the USA can use this platform to teach online and earn a good deal of money. There are more than 250 subjects that they can teach. 
  • Skooli – You can use this platform to become a tutor and get all the necessary tools available so make your move and start recording and building your first course. 

#7 Create a Subscription Service

Creating a membership website is another excellent way of generating income online on a self-made platform.

Membership sites make money by selling access to exclusive content through subscription plans. With a tiered membership system, you can divide members’ privileges and determine which content they can access.

Many people sell subscription services online. It’s becoming a hot slot business and more and more people are pouring in. You can make money by giving subscribers access to exclusive content through different packages. 

It can generate steady income and gradually become the core of your business. You can also use it when you launch your own product. 

You need to search the specific niche you want your membership services for. Like Mark Manson ventures into self help, there are hundreds of such services about SEO and digital services. You can research well and then decide which subscription service you can offer. For example Smart Blogger has found his niche and has been very successful, you should explore yourself to get to your skills and write about them. 

You can use many WP plugins on your WordPress membership website which make the task very easy and manageable. 

#8 Sell Advertising Space

You cannot run a content website without selling ad space on your website. It’s where most of the websites earn to pay their employees. For some it’s a passive income while many websites generate a solid revenue through it. 

It is measured through clicks and impressions. Google AdSense and Ezoic are the most popular sources for that. Your websites’ quality of traffic, demography and UXP matters a lot in this matter. If your traffic is coming from North America you are likely to get more per click than South Asia. 

Here are some of the advertising networks you can sign up for:

  • eZoic – eZoic is the next big source of earning through ad placement. It has become a sensation in many ways. You will see eZoic pays better than Google AdSense. 
  • Google AdSense – Google AdSense tops all ad placement networks. 
  • Adcash – AdCash offers tools to avoid ad blocking by the visitors to obtain higher earnings.
  • Carbon – If your content is about technology and modern tech then carbon can serve better ads than other networks. 
  • PropellerAds – This ads placement service allows different ad formats, including interstitials and push notifications as well. PropellerAds is the best resource to get various ads formats and place them at will. 
  • Media.net – A Google AdSense substitute by Yahoo and the Bing network. 

#9 Create Job Board Portal


Creating a job board portal subscription system has also become mainstream as a large chunk of companies has turned to online hiring. It has become a potential niche for hiring and attained a reputation for itself. 

There are two ways to earn from a virtual job board: by allowing companies to list their vacancies and selling access to independent job listings through a subscription system. Later you can become a hiring agency for many companies.

There are many popular virtual job portals that offer these services such as, Glassdoor, Indeed and ZipRecruiter who offer job listings to be published on their platforms. 

There are many WP plugins that can be used to get the best WordPress based job portal and offer subscriptions or a nominal fee for job listings. For instance you will find thousands of remote jobs in the USA which are curated using job creation power tools. 

Buy and Flip Websites

There are many things that web devs do online, but if you are not one, you can still make things work for you by buying and selling websites. It has become a core for many side hustlers, who look for small time money making methods that work 100%. 

You can always research about a certain website that you want to buy and flip it after making the necessary changes. So if you buy a website do some work on its design, change theme and do SEO and place it back for flipping. 

If you are related to online businesses you already know that it’s not that any website will make money for you. So make sure which niche you are buying into or research about it a little more before making your first purchase. 

Here are a few marketplaces for finding websites to purchase:

  • Flippa – Flippa lets anyone participate in the auction of domains. You can find thousands of domains, including dropshipping stores, viral websites and tons of other niches.
  • SideProjectors – A popular digital marketplace for eCommerce stores, apps, and domain names. Choose your desired domain, make necessary changes and then flip it. 
  • Latona’s – Let’s promote websites and many other things that you can do on this platform. 
  • Empire Flippers – Another popular marketplace for flipping hundreds of domains.

Avoid These Bad Factors 

You need to verify their revenue report, monetization methods and concept of the website. Then go to a platform like SemRush and see how much traffic change has happened. This way you can always tell if it’s a good investment or not. 

#11 Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube channels these days earn more money than long running traditional businesses, it’s that big. It offers multiple ways to earn money. It has more than 2 billion active users and visitors per month. You can always tell that most of the YouTubers earn a good deal of money through it due to its wide popularity and opportunities it offers. Check most paid youtubers in 2022

You need to find a specific niche you want your YouTube Channel about, create an account, subscribe for a Partner Program and start uploading weekly videos. After a few months you will notice consistent growth. 

There are many ways to make money on your YouTube Channel, the popular methods include AdSense, premium subscription for specialized content, Super Chat, Merch and Sponsors. You can also try and make money with YouTube brand content. 

You need to focus on high end video editing so even if you record your videos on phone you could still edit them. In order to grow fast on youtube you can share your content on other social medias like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and other socials. Set a time threshold for your videos releases, try the very best to release videos weekly. 

#12 Apply for Freelance Jobs

According to the recent statistics there are more than 50 million freelancers in the United States alone. There are many popular freelancers two such names are Muhammad Qasim and Kelly Vaughn’s. They are very popular. 

Freelance jobs allow you to charge your own rates, choose your own time schedules and clients. You can do translations, accounting, video production and web development gigs which are high in demand freelance skills these days. These are just a few examples, there are thousands of other micro jobs that you can do. 

Here are some of the top freelance platforms of 2022:

  • Upwork – There are more than 1800 categories that you can apply for. You can work hourly or choose independent projects. All you need is to create a profile on UpWork and that’s it.
  • Fiverr – Fiverr has become a very popular gig hunting platform for freelancers.
  • Freelancer – There are around more than 2000 types of freelance jobs that you can apply for on freelancer.com. 

Before applying to gigs on any of these freelance websites make sure your expertise fits the bill. If you satisfy the employer he will employ you again and this way you can make a consistent income stream from your old clients. 

#13 Become a Website Developer

On average a web dev earns around $60K-$100K yearly according to Glassdoor. It is expected that web development will increase to 13% from 2022-2030 which is already exploding. So it’s the best time to hop on the bandwagon before it gets crowded. 

You need to have a special set of skills like mastery over a few programming languages is an asset and can shoot your profile. Even if you don’t have skills you can always start with WordPress which is very easy to understand with the help of YouTube tutorials. 

If you want to earn regular income you need to get a few quick web dev courses and learn to code. Here are few popular sources to sharpen your coding skills: 

  • Coursera – Coursera allows you to join 200+ universities and companies to provide certified courses and specializations and most of them are free such as Google certification courses and many more. 
  • Udemy – Choose from a wide range of courses in a diverse range of languages. Udemy is the most popular among all others. 
  • BitDegree – You can learn from thousands of courses and there are scholarships as well.
  • Codecademy – It offers free interactive courses and you can always practice your code and learn where you went wrong. 

If you are seriously considering this career path we suggest partaking in the coding bootcamps which is the most popular way to learn to find errors in your code and fixing them. The bootcamps like Alchemy Code Lab or Rithm School will increase your chances of mastering it.

#14 Become a Graphic Designer

You need to have some skills before starting your graphic designer career. You need to have a basic understanding of tools and be creative. There are many quick courses that you can take online and learn in a few days. So if you are looking for a quick buck making method this one is totally worth your shot. 

According to Indeed “A graphic designer earns from $50,000 to $70,000 yearly.” So it’s a very lucrative career path if you follow it seriously you can make a good deal of money. 

Unlike for web designing you need to learn basics of HTML, CSS and WordPress, for logo designer it’s necessary to have color theory, typography and acquaintance with designing tools like Adobe Illustrator etc. There are hundreds of simple graphic designing tutorials that you can watch free and learn. 

Check these best platforms to make money online via graphic design gigs:

  • We Work Remotely – This platform offers a wide range of designing gigs to show your graphic designing skills that you can work with and make thousands of dollars monthly. 
  • DesignCrowd – It offers a wide range of talent acquisition gigs for graphic designing
  • Minty – Ideal platform for digital artists to project their career paths. 
  • 99designs – It offers graphic designers a home to win projects pertaining to web design, apps, clothing and other merchs. 

#15 Become a Content Writer

If you are a random hustler this is for you. It’s a great side hustle that you can enjoy. Content writing jobs have existed since the advent of the internet and they will continue to rule. If you are american you can easily make around $58,000/year. For a profitable side hustle, content writing is the best way to earn extra income.

For writing content you need to understand SEO, basic HTML and CSS will help you write better content and also knowing about the WordPress content management system. 

You can place your gigs on Fiverr and Freelancer and write different gigs. You can also join a content writing agency. 

Some of the best content writing agencies to work with are:

  • ExpressWriters – A place for getting writing jobs, gigs and also finding writers to write for you. 
  • Verblio – You get different content types and press release/blog posts contents
  • SEOButler – A place for finding writing work and also the writers from the UK and the US. 
  • TextBroker – Find tons of content writing gigs 

#16 Become a Video Game Streamer

Streaming has recently gotten momentum, in a short time of span streaming games rakes in 3 million users weekly on Twitch alone. Imagine FaceBook and YouTube gaming, which already have billions of users of their own. Make sure you get the best gaming gear that popular streamers use and make money. 

Many popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook offer partner programs, allowing streamers to accept ad revenue and tips from their audience. You can also make money while collaborating with the brands.

It’s an awesome way of money-making even if you are not good at playing games you learn gradually and enjoy being in front of a camera. You can stream for a few hours at a time and interact with your audience to foster a sense of community.

#17 Become an Influencer

Influencers are making a lot more money online every day than established businesses. Here you can see the top paid youtube influencers who have been generating millions. It has given rise to influence marketing. If you become an influencer and build a fanbase we are sure you can earn millions combining AdSense with brands deals, affiliate links and premium membership. 

Every month companies paid millions of dollars for the purchases made through affiliate marketing. You can start your influencer journey from your own Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. These all combined can generate a brute force for your income. 

Once you become a distinguished voice among masses the brands will pay you hundred of dollars for a single campaign. 

The other social media platforms that you can get quick followers on are TikTok and Twitch. TikTok is the best one for creating viral videos.

#18 Start Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing services has also grown to a huge new level like other mentions. Many businesses allocate a monthly budget for digital marketing services. There are many firms who established their digital marketing base from scratch, and you can start over from the beginning as well. Your duties will be to help businesses attract more customers and establish a fan-base through various channels.

It’s where the crucial role of SEO agencies comes in. Businesses cannot run their own SEO campaigns by themselves, they always look for the digital market agencies. You can find your business SEO agency and start selling your services. You can cover Social media management, On page and Off Page SEO gigs and helping businesses get discovered in top Google SERPs. 

Handing social media of the firms you will be responsible for  identifying the brand’s target audience, track ROI and and share products for better results.

There are tons of free SEO courses that you can take and some even offer certification as well.

#19 Create an App

Nowadays apps generate more consistent revenue than websites. If you know how to create an app you need to jump on the bandwagon to profit from the mobile digitalization. You can run apps by yourself, push contents on them and then show ads, sponsors and start a paid membership. Besides, the best way is to create apps and then sell them. 

You can use many beginner friendly app builders if you have zero to no coding experience. Here is the list of sources to create apps with zero coding experience: 

  • AppyPie – It provides tools and three ways to make great apps. They charge a small fee for using its resources. 
  • AppInstitute – It simplifies building apps with and this app builder charges a monthly fee for that. 
  • Mobincube – You can launch your own app with this app builder in four easy steps. You can use its free version for more resources and tools you need to pay some fee. 

Steps to create an app with zero coding experience:

  • Research – Researching about the ideas and watching a few youtube videos will help you hunt the first idea. 
  • Get inspiration – You can start with creating free surveys, interview questionnaires or interactive discussion forms. 
  • Build Your First App – Once you have done the previous procedures start building your first app.
  • Launch Your App – Submit your app to the Google Play Store or any other
  • Market Your App – It’s necessary to market your app on the internet , especially on socials.
  • Monetize Your App – Prepare a plan to monetizing your app. If everything else has already been done make sure to monetize your app for Google AdSense or other ad placement services. 

#20 Start a Podcast Channel

After YouTube Channels, podcasts have seen a phenomenal growth over the course of a few years. The number has increased and reached millions. It’s expected to reach 500+ million by the end of 2024. You need a few basic things to start your podcast. You just need a phone with a built-in  microphone and a computer to start your podcast. Besides, an editing software for sound quality specially will improve its sound quality. 

Apart from the equipment you also need a topic that you know about and start talking about it. It could be about anything from places to popular pop icons,or even shows. Once you are done recording a few episodes, find a suitable platform to host your podcasts. Some of the most popular platforms to host podcasts are Spotify, BuzzSprout, Resonate, Apple and Anchor

If you start a podcast you will need sponsors to make money. Some services like Spotify and Apple pay some royalties as well. It hugely depends on your subscriber-ship. You can also apply to a platform like Podfly to reserve a spot here. 

If you have a global appeal and right audiences your podcast can start making money after 6 months of weekly uploads. So make sure you share your podcast on socials as well to get a loyal fanbase. 

#21 Become a Travel Consultant

Border restrictions are easing up, and people are starting to travel again. And since the tourism industry is surging, there is a higher demand for travel consultants and the travel consultant career is a very lucrative one. 

From travel blogs to YouTube travel channels, traveling has become phenomenally a flourishing business not just a feat to marvel at. So if you could, you should become a travel consultant. With the surge of the travel industry the demand for quality travel consultants has also increased. They are responsible for helping individuals and businesses organize their tours. This is an ideal job if you have already traveled across the world even if you are a local and know places around your town you can become a travel consultant. 

The average base salary for a travel consultant is around $81,000/year in the United States. The job’s benefits include a flexible working schedule and opportunities to travel.

You can make around $1,00000/year in North America, if you are in Europe you can still make more or less about this much amount. You need to master a few languages including English and make yourself acquainted with tools to manage your travel.

Some of the popular online travel platforms are Wanderlust Travel Consultants and TravelBoecker Adventures to get your first travel consultant blog/website or sign up on Reco to become a travel consultant.

#22 Publish eBooks

The rise of self-publishing has made it possible for anyone to publish eBooks. It’s an excellent option for beginners since there are no printing or shipping costs.

To publish an eBook, submit your writing to a self-publishing platform. There are two types of publishing companies – retailers and aggregators. Retailers sell books directly to customers, whereas aggregators distribute them to retailers at additional costs.

The rise of publishing books through Amazon in the early 2000s provided impetus to the self publishing industry. Today, all popular publishers are accepting online manuscripts and offer to self-publish fiction and nonfiction books in a few minutes from your home. 

The commission on your book sales depends on every company’s policy. For instance the authors get up to 70% royalties for their books on Amazon Kindle which is huge. It’s a huge market. 

There are many other self publishing contemporaries to Amazon Kindle:

  • Barnes & Noble -Their profit margins are also the same as Amazon’s, you get 70% royalty on your books sold. 
  • Apple Books – Apple provides authors 70% royalty on their books and there are no cost conditions for that. 
  • Kobo  – The authors get 70% royalty of the book’s list price, provided the book costs $2.99 or higher which is a condition. 
  • SmashWords – SmashWords is the largest distributor of eBooks and charges a commission of 10% for distributing to the libraries and 15-18% for selling on their own website. 
  • Draft2Digital. Offer 60% royalties on eBook sales. 

Just before self publishing make sure that formatting is done properly, there are no foolish grammatical errors or typos. All these make it impossible to sell your eBooks. 

#23 Start Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has remained a powerful strategy to generate leads through it. It has been a very powerful marketing tool since the beginning of the internet. By the year 2025 the number of email using users will reach the mark of 4.5 billion

You need to start building email marketing lists, you can also add an email subscription pop up on your website or blog if you have any. You can even add that in your YouTube channel description. There are many other methods that you can use such as offering discounts, giveaways and free shipping etc to extend your list. This will help your email list to swell up and explode.

Once you have your list of subscribers built, compose an email template with minor changes you can add every time you send out newsletters and start emailing them. There are many services like MailChimp and Constant Contact that provide tools to manage the workflow. 

If you have a WordPress website you can use plugins to consolidate those newsletter and email lists. 

Email marketing is the strongest method which has been used since the advent of the internet. You can use it today to make things work for you. 

#24 Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are good at managing, planning, administering and conducting tasks well, a virtual assistant is your place to make money online. The responsibility of a VA is to provide support for his clients that can be done remotely as well. 

Mostly VAs work independently but once you get a few solid clients you can make more than $50,000 annually staying at home. Sometimes you might have to pay fees for getting enrolled on a service that hunts clients for you. 

VAs are required to be good at managing contracts independently, have good interpersonal communication skills, writing and time management skills. You need to have working knowledge about QuickBooks, Google Drive, Google WorkSpace, Slack and Asana

You can market your services through social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter as well as use fiverr and Upwork to get your first clients. 

#25 Invest in Stocks

Stock investment has recently received a fiery increase and now it has become very commonplace so much so that everyone wants to master this skill. You can make a good solid passive income through stock investment. You are required to buy shares and sell when the price goes high. 

But remember investing in stocks is not as simple as it sounds. It’s totally a different ball game, you need to understand completely before making your first investment. There are many websites, YouTube Channels, SubReddits and podcasts that shell out tips and tricks to master this art. Some of the popular ones are Collaborative Fund, A Wealth of Common Sense, and The Investor’s Podcast Network which can help you learn about stock investment from scratch and become a pro investor.

You can also catch The We Study Billionaires podcast by The Investor’s Podcast Network on the Apple Podcasts page which is a popular one there as well. Besides, you can follow Rayner Teo and WhiteBoard Finance are among the many stock trading channels that offer insights into mastering stocks. 

The best way to buy stocks is by using an online stockbroker service. Some of which are featured below: 

  • Fidelity Investments – This platform provides users with fractional shares, the investors can start with a small investment.
  • TD Ameritrade – It does not require to pay commission to anyone, you get excellent support as well. 
  • Charles Schwab – The investors are provided with many products related to stocks to learn and earn. 
  • E’TRADE – It’s so far the best stock investment service that you can start with as minimum deposit as zero. 

How To Select The Best Methods To Make Money Online?

Since we have discussed all the possible ways to make money online in 2022, now it is your turn to squeeze the list further and find out what fits your skills and needs. To be honest it’s not possible for many to take more than 4 or 5 jobs and be the captain as well. In order to narrow down your choices we have pinpointed key elements that will help you sort ways you would like to make money online. 

Skillset – Before starting over a new career it’s better to stick with what you are good at. Although most of these jobs require little to no skills, still you should choose what works for you the best based on your skillset. 

Interest – Don’t pound onto something that seems much more lucrative than the one you like, always keep your interest first and see where that lies. The money will find its path to you. 

Time – Look for the methods that fit your time-window as well. It’s necessary to see how much time you can take to make something work.

Expenses – While planning make sure you have enough funds if that requires so. 

Expertise – Only you know yourself and how much potential you have to meet the demands of a certain role. Make sure you choose the ways which you expertise in. 

Money Motivation – You can always search ways to find out more details about the amount you can make from each job. 

This detailed post about making money online or getting your first $100 in a day method has everything that you need, from skills required to the incomes you can generate. You should choose what suits you the most according to your interests, skillset and time. If you already have a regular job that’s 9 to 5, it would be hard to give more than a few hours to these methods, so make sure whatever job you choose fits your time-frame. If you have resources you can even mine cryptocurrencies on your PC. 

If you want to start an eCommerce business you know the drill now that requires initial investment until your business start earning, if you want to open a business on a budget second-hand merchandising, selling art, handmade designs, selling stock footage and dropshipping are the best options. If you want brand your own set of skills such as web development, SEO, selling digital services, email marketing campaigns and writing content can get you started in a single day.

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