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A Deeper Look at the Seven Deadly Sins Through Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a beloved childhood character that has been around for generations since early 1920s. Many people have seen him as an innocent and naive figure in Disney’s The Mini Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, but there’s something deeper to him than just makes everyone wonder he might be representing one of the 7 deadly sins that’s what the stories are based on.

It is widely believed by some that the creator of Winnie the Pooh–A.A Milne has based his characters in these stories on the seven deadly sins. Here we have taken a deeper look at the seven deadly sins through Winnie The Pooh cartoon franchise and characters that might be representing them.

By taking a closer look at Pooh and the other characters around him in the stories, we can gain a better understanding of how Milne used them to represent the 7 deadly sins. We had written about Winnie The Pooh characters before as well. Let’s have a fresh look at these characters again that somehow have genes of seven deadly sins.

#1 The First Sin – Gluttony

The Gluttony in Winnie The Pooh is Represented By Winnie the Pooh

The first sin to consider is gluttony and it is arguably most associated with Winnie the Pooh. Throughout the stories, Pooh is seen consuming honey and stuffing himself so much that he often gets stuck in Rabbit’s House or in honey trees. It is even said that one of the main reasons why he visits Christopher Robin is because he knows he will be given a snack. This behavior is an example of gluttony, which is defined as excessive eating or drinking.

#2 The Second Sin – Procrastination

Procrastination is Represented by The Rabbit (Slow & Lazy or sloth) in Winnie The Pooh

The second sin to consider is sloth, which is represented by Rabbit. Rabbit is always complaining about having too much work to do and not having enough time in the day. He is also very slow and lazy when it comes to completing tasks. Often, he procrastinates and wastes time doing things that are not important, such as napping or playing with his garden. This behavior is an example of sloth, which is defined as being lazy, sluggish, or idle.

#3 The Third Sin – The Wrath

The Wrath in Winnie The Pooh is Represented by The Tigger


The third sin is wrath, which is represented by Tiger. Tigger is always angry and has a tendency to fly into fits of rage over the smallest of things. He also often lashes out at those around him, particularly Rabbit. This behavior is an example of wrath, which is defined as uncontrollable anger and resentment.

#4 The Fourth Sin – Greed

The Greed in in Winnie The Pooh is Represented by The Piglet


The fourth sin is greed, which is represented by Piglet. Piglet is always worried about money, going to extreme lengths to make sure he has enough in Winnie The Pooh. He also is always looking for ways to make more money, often trying to sell off items that don’t belong to him. This behavior is an example of greed, which is defined as an excessive or insatiable desire for wealth and possessions.

#5 The Fifth Sin – Envy

The Envy in Winnie The Pooh is Represented by Eeyore


The fifth sin is envy, which is represented by Eeyore’s character. Eeyore is always envious of the other animals and their good fortune. He is also very jealous of the attention that Christopher Robin gives to all the other animals, while seemingly ignoring him.

This behavior is an example of envy–which is defined as a resentful or discontented longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.

#6 The Sixth Sin – Pride

The Pride in Winnie The Pooh is Represented by The Owl


The sixth sin is pride, which is represented by Owl. Owl is always boasting about his knowledge and wisdom, and often assumes he knows more than everyone else. He also likes to think of himself as being superior to those around him.

#7 The Seventh Sin – Lust

The Lust in Winnie The Pooh Stories is Represented by Gopher


Lust is the character that we think is represented by Gopher. Gopher displayed some characteristics of lust in many cases when he keeps digging tunnels everywhere to prioritize lands and make his own. He has lust for everything including life, land and food altogether.

We can see Gopher never cared very much about others but busy serving his own desire, due to the fact the others have to go and see him but he would always keep busy in going after one thing or the other.

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