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Giraffe Woman 5 Years After Removing Rings – How Does She Look Now?

Sydney, the so-called ‘Giraffe Woman’, was a young girl who had a passion for stretching her neck with neck rings when she began her journey wearing the brass-rings round her neck. She had worn them for 5-long-years, and her neck had grown to be longer than that of other people her age or at least it appeared to her. She decided to give up on her quest in 2017 and had her rings removed. We also posted about the Journey of Giraffe Woman previous.

We all have questions for her like what Sydney Smith is doing these days, what are the physical and emotional changes she underwent while wearing copper rings around neck and has she made any wealth while being viral for so many years. We had already written about Sydney Smith “The Giraffe Woman’s” journey previously. Here is the update of what she is up to in 2023.

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After removing the rings, Sydney experienced stiffness in her neck, which led to physical therapy a couple of times a week to help ease the stiffness. After much treatment, her condition has improved, but she still considers herself the ‘Giraffe Woman’. Despite not having the neck she desired, Sydney is a symbol of determination, perseverance, and courage, inspiring others to never give up on their dreams.

What is latest about Giraffe Woman in 2023 how she is Doing these days?

Philanthropy & Social Work For Kayan Tribes

Since she wore rings to-date In 2023, the story of Sydney Smith has become a symbol of strength and resilience. She has become an advocate for the Kayan Lahwi people of Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand, raising awareness of their culture and advocating for their safety and well-being. Her story of removing her neck rings after five long years has been shared around the world, inspiring many to make changes in their own lives and to stand up for what they believe in.

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Sydney has since become an active voice for the Padaung (Kayan) people, speaking out about issues such as human rights violations, lack of education, and access to healthcare. She has also shared her own story of recovery from the emotional effects of wearing the neck rings, and how it impacted her sense of self-worth and identity.

Setting up Her Business

Giraffe woman has become a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, owning a small jewelry company that specializes in creating handcrafted necklaces and other pieces inspired by the traditions of the Padaung people. She has also written a book about her journey and has been featured in numerous documentaries and magazine articles. Sydney Smith also owns a candle-making business with the name “Verucaz” that we can find featured on her Instagram every time the sale is on.

Most recently, Sydney has launched a project to help the Kayan Lahwi people to rebuild their lives and communities. This project includes providing grants to help start businesses, offering educational scholarships, and providing health care and other necessary resources.

In 2023, Sydney Smith is still inspiring individuals around the world with her story, advocating for her people, and helping them to create a better future.

Why did Sydney Smith “giraffe woman” remove her rings?

Sydney Smith “Giraffe Woman” decided to remove her neck rings after 5 years of stretching her neck with painful metal rings. She had initially donned the rings to look more like her favorite animal–the giraffe. The cultural practice of wearing brass coils around the necks has its drawbacks and She realized this after seeing the effects that removing the rings had on people around her.

Sydney’s personal life and relationships were not easy throughout the 5-year-period she wore the rings. People around her had difficulty understanding why she was doing this to herself, and her family worried about her safety and health. They often pleaded with her to take the rings off, but she stood firm until eventually deciding to remove them herself.

Now that she has removed the rings, Sydney has more freedom and mobility in her day-to-day activities. She no longer has to deal with the uncomfortable pressure on her neck or the stares and comments from strangers. She is able to interact with family and friends without worrying about the neck rings and can now live a more normal life.

What criticism did Sydney Smith “giraffe woman” face?

Unfortunately, Sydney Smith experienced a lot of criticism for her quest to have a long neck. Critics argued that by attempting to lengthen her neck, she was not only putting her health and safety at risk, but also perpetuating a cultural stereotype associated with the Kayan tribe in Myanmar.

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People were concerned that Sydney was setting a dangerous example for young girls by suggesting that a longer neck was necessary to be considered beautiful. Her critics argued that it was impossible for her to achieve a genuinely longer neck through stretching and that Sydney was, infact, merely compressing her spine and causing permanent damage.

Other critics pointed out that, despite what Lamarckian evolution suggests, “Natural selection would not allow such a radical change in structure over a single generation – the physical effort it would take to stretch her neck would not lead to a longer neck in her offspring”. They also argued that the practice of neck-stretching had been popularized by the Kayan tribe in Myanmar as a way to control women and restrict their movements, and that by emulating this practice, Sydney was also supporting and upholding this oppressive system.

Unfortunately, there is not much known about the dating history of Sydney Smith–the “Giraffe Woman”.  Overall, there is not much known about the dating history of Sydney Smith. She has been mostly absent from the public eye since she ended her journey. Although she has shown us images of her kid on Instagram. It’s not clear who she is married to.

Giraffe Woman in 2023

In 2023, Sydney Smith, the Giraffe woman is 34-year-old noq and she is living a good and healthy life after removing her neck-rings.

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When she removed her neck rings, Sydney shared photos of herself before and after the process. The difference was remarkable and showed her determination. She went through the process slowly but surely, taking time to adjust to the change. Even though she was initially scared, Sydney felt relieved once she completed her transformation. In 2023 it’s been almost 5 years since she removed her neck-rings and she looks much better living a normal life.

Sydney Smith has certainly gained a lot of attention due to her transformation. Her story has inspired many people to embrace body modification and accept themselves. As she has shown, it is important to stay true to ourselves and our beliefs. Sydney is a great example of how we can express ourselves through body modification and make it our own.

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