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Gigi Hadid And Joe Jonas Offically Split And We Are Gutted, Here’s Why

Gigi Hadid, one of the biggest supermodels of today and best friend to Jenner sister, Kendall has officially broken up with celeb singer Joe Jonas! This what seemed to be ‘perfect couple’ rumoured to have been going back and forth between being together and apart, but now it has officially been confirmed that have split!

via people.com
via people.com

However, the dreamy pair split in a friendly way and there doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings between them, so much so that Joe is planning on supporting his beautiful, now ex girlfriend as she struts he stuff for the Victoria Secret fashion show later this month.

These two originally started out as friends for years, which makes the break up even sadder as they seemed to be inseparable. Once more, they had been together romantically since last October 2014, so they have only just passed their year long mile stone together!

via popsugar.com
via popsugar.com

Sources speak about how Gigi felt, being “…very comfortable with Joe and it’s very easy to talk about everything that’s going on in her life with him. He understands where she is at and they are not in any rush.”

However, when we say they have been friends for years, we really mean it! Joe first set eyes on the stunning model back when she was only 13 years old at the 2010 Grammys event, to which he asked to her to go to a baseball game but she turned down the invite. However, this did not deter him as he persisted they hang out and soon formed a close friendship.

via getty.com
via getty.com

Sadly, the both Gigi and Joe’s familys loved them together and got on extremely well, which in the world of celebs can be pretty hard! Nick Jonas, Joes brother even gave his seal of approval by saying,  “I like them together. It’s a good thing, Joe and I are best friends. We’re each other’s support system and closest friends, so naturally I’m gonna see a lot of her because they’re together and it’s great. I’m really happy for them. I think they seem very happy together and it’s good.”

The pair weren’t afraid of a little PDA and constantly seemed to be in the honeymoon period together, with the cool couple nickname, G.I Joe!

via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

Ultimately, the split was due to them both having extremely busy schedules as both of their careers take off, with Gigi fulfilling a life-long dream of modelling in the annual Victoria Secret fashion show and Joe doing a worldwide tour with his band.

We don’t think the split will last too long as they seemed to perfect for each other… at least we hope not!


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