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Records of Of Some Of The World’s Largest Domino Formations Falling Down

Dominoes are lots of fun and many people around the world have the patience to set up brilliant formations with hundreds of thousands upon thousands of dominoes used. Doing this requires a lot of precision, skill and patience and as these videos show, the results are astounding.

  1. The amazing triple spiral

A fantastically well designed triple spiral made up of 15,000 dominoes. It took 25 hours to create this triple spiral and the best part of the video is when you see the spiral wall of dominoes tumble down at the end.

2. Ever seen an underwater domino formation?

More than 100 large dominoes are used in this video, which took about an hour to record.

3. How about human mattress dominoes?

A total of 2,016 people took part in this really cool event, held in Wuhan in China. It took 14 minutes and 47 seconds for all 2,016 human mattress dominoes to fall.

4. Now for the most mini dominoes topple here is the longest Domino wall topple

The world record was broken when the 2,000 mini dominoes all fell. Setting up the dominoes takes a lot of effort given how small the dominoes are. Because of their small size, they can be set off very easily – even putting a pen down on the table once caused them to fall!

5. The world’s largest 3D domino pyramid

It took 12 hours and 16,675 dominoes to create the world’s largest 3D domino pyramid. The entire formation you see in the video took 50 hours to make and used up around 60,000 dominoes.

6. Now for the world’s largest domino cube

The cube is made up of 18,000 dominoes and must have taken ages to put together.

7. How about using books as dominoes?

In 2015, 10,200 books were toppled just like dominoes in a record-breaking feat that took place in Germany. The books used were, of course, copies of The Guinness Book of World Records.

8. The tallest domino structure ever

This amazing structure stands 32.9 feet high and was created using 8.044 dominoes.

9. Here’s a domino fail

This domino tower was ten layers from being the second tallest in the world only to collapse. By the time it had collapsed, seven hours had been spent making it and 3,242 dominoes had been used.

10. This is what 250,000 dominoes look like

This amazing formation broke the world record for most dominoes toppled in a spiral.

11. A formation that broke three world records

This staggering domino formation used 543,210 dominoes and broke three world records: the most dominoes toppled underwater, highest domino 2D pyramid and largest domino portrait.

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