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The Hot New Spring Fashion Trend: 6 Style Tips on Wearing Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Spring 2016 is all about showing off the collarbone! Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties or forties, there’s an off-the-shoulder top that will look flawless on you. Not only does the peek-a-boo silhouette look incredibly sexy, but it can also be worn for any occasion – formal or casual (plus, just think of the tan you’ll get without those nasty bra-strap lines). So, here are 7 need-to-know tips for how to wear off-shoulder bardot tops and dresses and look effortlessly cute.

1. For the boho-look, choose ruffled fabrics.

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Off-the-shoulder tops come in a wide variety of styles, but the most popular seems to be the ruffled or puffy-sleeved look that gives off a rustic, hippie vibe. The best way to wear it is to keep everything else to a minimum and let the top speak for itself. Pairing it with geometrical accessories and flat shoes, pumps or sandals is best.

2. Great for festivals

If the off-shoulder style isn’t something you’d dare to wear on everyday occasions, you can always save the look for a festival or summer concert. Many of the tops are loose-fitting and made with light, breathable fabrics so it’s ideal for the hotter weather.

3. Pair with jeans for a casual daytime look.

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When spring kicks in and the temperature picks up you’re going to look fantastic walking around in your bardot top and pair of your favourite stonewashed jeans. This is a look that’s going to make you stand out from your friends without being too in-your-face. Isn’t that what we all want if we’re being honest?

4. Stick to one colour.

The bardot top looks best when it is one single colour because that way it creates a long, flowing line which makes you appear slimmer. This is particularly important if you’re a petite lady as it also can make you look taller, especially when paired with a maxi skirt.

4. Dare to bare.

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Peek-a-boo tops are ideal to wear as a crop top, giving it you a great excuse to bare that toned midriff you’ve been working on all spring. It works best when you pair it with either long trousers, jeans or a full-length skirt as this way you’re not baring too much skin at the same time.

5. Choose the right bra.

Of course the point of an off-the-shoulder top is to show off your entire shoulders, so this puts the standard bra out of the equation. Luckily bras come in all sorts of styles these days, so simply opt for either a strapless bra or bra with clear straps if you want to perfect the peek-a-boo look.

6. Go for a straight line dress to get the minimalist look.

If you love the idea of having peek-a-boo shoulder but don’t want to come across as too bohemian, then go for a sleek, short dress with no frills or ruffles to create a contemporary, minimalistic appearance.

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