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Top 10 Incredible Hacks Every Student Needs to Know – You Need to Try #8

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Whether you’re starting university, college or even secondary school, if you want to ensure you make the most of your student life you’ll need some decent hacks.

Whether it’s a studying hack or something to get you through independent life, you need these in your life:

Treat Yourself When You Study

student hack
via Withtheshallow.com

Nobody likes to read a boring text book. You would much rather be in your bed watching Netflix and eating sweets. Well we might not be able to give you Netflix, but there is no reason why you can’t mix studying and sweets. Why not put a sweet past every few paragraphs like the picture above. You’ll be studying like a beast!

Invest in a laptop lock

student hack
via Alixpress.com

You might think it’s paranoia, but it’s not. There are thieves everywhere and they are just waiting to target students. One great student hack is to invest in a laptop lock. These devices worm in the same way as a bike chain – you basically lock your laptop round a big immovable object. This should help deter thieves.

Remember Your Notes Through an Unfamiliar Scent

student hack
via Tumblr.com

If you spray an unfamiliar scent when you’re studying and then spray that same scent before your exam it will jog your memory on what you read about when you studied. This will also work for a different flavour of chewing gum than you’re not used to. A perfect student hack to pass all your exams!

Challenge Yourself With Fonts

student hack
via Tumblr.com

A simple student hack for typing up your notes is to choose a challenging font. Research has shown that students are more likely to skim over notes in fonts like Arial as it is easy to read. Instead use a more difficult font as you’ll have to concentrate more to read it.

Avoid Using Your Card For Free Trials

student hack
via Lockerdome.com

Most premium sites will offer a free trial for users if you enter card details. Instead enter the Visa details from a gift card so you don’t need to put your own card details in.

Block Social Media When You Need to Study

student hack
via Customfitonline.com

There are plenty of website add ons that will block sites like Facebook for a short while. This allows you to get a good few hours of studying free from procrastination! What better student hack can you get than that?

Find Example Exams For Your Subject Online

student hack
via Reddit.com

If you want to test yourself on a subject it’s possible to search online for example exams. Simply type “site.edu [subject] exam” into a search engine.

Worried That You’ll Sleep Through Your Alarm?

student hack
via Lifehacker.com

A simple student hack for heavy sleepers is to put your phone into a glass. Why, you ask? Well when your alarm goes off in the morning it’s going to make a MASSIVE amount of noise. There’s no way you’re sleeping through that.

Lots of Snack Crumbs on Your Keyboard?

student hack
via Viralnova.com

There’s nothing worse than all the dust and crumbs that get stuck in your keyboard. But there’s a very simple student hack to get rid of them. All you need is some post-it notes – just use the sticky tab and the top to collect the dirt.

If You Miss Your Parent’s Big Flat-screen Television…

student hack
via Reddit.com

It’s not quite a 50 inch widescreen television, but one student hack for watching your favourite show is to us 3m hooks. Attach them to your wall and put your iPad on the wall. Never has Netflix looked so good!


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