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Who Are the Top 10 Longest Reining British Monarchs?

Being the King or Queen of Britain is probably harder than we think. Posing for portraits, seeing your face on every coin and having your own personal army of corgis must be pretty exhausting. And all that waving at events! Plus you don’t even get Christmas day off as you have to make a big fancy speech.

But who are the longest reining monarchs in Britain? Well let us take you through the top 10:

David II of Scotland

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From: 7th June 1329

To: 22 February 1371

Duration: 41 years, 260 days

David II was a monarch in Scotland famous for his invasion of England for the French, even though the invasion started well the King was wounded and captured by the English. Although he was returned to Scotland he died not long after. This was an unexpected – especially as the King was just about to marry his mistress.

Llywelyn the Great

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From: 1st January 1195

To: 11 April 1240

Duration: Approximately 44-45 years

Llywelyn the Great ruled over Wales for over 40 years with war and diplomacy within the country. He went for power from an early age and ruled all of Gwynedd by 1200. He created treaties of peace and was succeeded by his son after his death.

Elizabeth I of England and Ireland

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From: 17 November 1558

To: 26 March 1603

Duration: 44 years, 127 days

The last monarch of the Tudor dynasty, Elizabeth I was famed for the fact she never had children and her rivalry with Mary Queen of Scots. Her father was Henry VIII and her mother Anne Boleyn (who was executed when Elizabeth was just two).

William I of Scotland

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From: 9 December 1165

To: 4 December 1214

Duration: 48 years, 360 days

Known as William the Lion, this monarch was a big influence in the revolt against Henry II in 1173-1174. Here he was captured and made to sign the Treaty of Falaise, which cause tension between the two countries.

Edward III of England and Lord of Ireland

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From: 25 January 1327

To: 20 June 1377

Duration: 50 years, 147 days

Edward III is most famous for restoring faith in the royal family after the awful reign of his father Edward II. During his reign this monarch developed Government and legislation and made the English army formidable.

Henry III of England and Lord of Ireland

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From: 18 October 1216

To: 16 November 1272

Duration: 56 years, 29 days

Henry III began his reign at just 9 years old. He was known for being a personal king who held large religious ceremonies and gave money to charity. Even so, at times of his reign he was immensely unpopular.

James VI of Scotland

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From: 24 July 1567

To: 27 March 1625

Duration: 57 years, 246 days

The son of Mary Queen of Scots, this monarch ruled both as James VI of Scotland and James I as King of England and Lord of Ireland. It was this monarch you joined both England and Scotland by ruling them both.

George III of the United Kingdom

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From: 25 October 1760

To: 29 January 1820

Duration: 59 years, 96 days

George III’s reign included the union of Great Britain in 1801. After this union he was known as George III king of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. His reign involved many conflicts all across the world.

Victoria of the United Kingdom

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From: 20 June 1837

To:  22 January 1901

Duration: 63 years, 216 days

Queen Victoria is on of the most famous monarchs to have ruled Britain. She gained the throne when she was just 18. In her time of reign Britain created many ties across Europe, which gained Queen Victoria the nickname “the grandmother of Europe”.

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

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From: 6 February 1952

To: Present

Duration: 63 years, 225 days

The current Queen and monarch of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II has just recently become the longest serving monarch ever. At this time she is Queen to 16 out of the 53 member states in the Commonwealth countries.

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