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How Many Of These 9 Facts About Little Mix Did You Know?

It’s safe to say Little Mix are one of the biggest, and arguably best, acts to have come from X Factor. The four-piece girl group won the show’s eighth series back in 2011 and have gone on to enjoy significant commercial and critical success. They’re currently the biggest girl group in the UK and one of the country’s biggest pop acts overall. Here are 9 facts about the all-conquering girl group – how many of them did you know?

  1. While the girls all initially auditioned as solo artists before being put together as a group, Jade actually twice auditioned for the show as a solo artist in 2008 and 2010

2. When the group was put together, they were initially known as Rhythmix but had to change their name as there was a children’s charity with the same name

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3. Perrie was born with a condition called congenital anosmia, which means she doesn’t have the ability to smell

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4. Before X Factor, none of the four girls had ever met one another, even though Jade and Perrie both lived in South Shields five minutes away from each other – they even knew lots of the same people, but had never actually crossed paths.

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5. The group have 10 Vevo certified videos (videos with over 100 million YouTube views), more than any other girl group or British female act

6. Jesy moved schools a total of five times during her younger years due to bullying

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7. Before hitting the big time on X Factor, Leigh-Anne worked as a waitress at Pizza Hut

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8. They’ve scored four UK number ones, which is more than any other X Factor winner

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9. The girls’ Get Weird Tour, their third concert tour, is the fifth highest grossing concert tour by a girl group of all time

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