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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had a Mental Health Disorder

Recently the story behind one girl’s semicolon tattoo caught the imagination of the internet. That’s because the tattoo was a symbol to raise awareness of mental illnesses after Amy Bluel’s father committed suicide.

Now people everywhere are getting semicolon tattoos – either to raise awareness for a family member or because they’ve battled mental illness themselves.

More people than you might think have suffered from mental illnesses such as depression – even the celebrities you see on the television. In fact, here are 15 famous faces that you might not know suffered from a mental disorder:

1. Catherine Zeta Jones

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Catherine Zeta Jones has been very open about her battle with bipolar disorder. After a stint in rehab back in May 2013, the actress says she has made her own safe haven in her home where she can escape when things get tough.

2. Adam Ant

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The Prince Charming of the 80’s, the singer has admitted that he’s suffered manic depression his whole life as well as bipolar disorder. The singer continued working through his illness making himself worse. Thankfully Adam Ant is now recovering and making music again.

3. Marlon Brando

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The legendary actor suffered from depression for most of his life. His personal life was very troubling with his son convicted of murdering his daughter’s boyfriend. Shortly after the trial his daughter committed suicide.

4.  Jim Carrey

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Despite being one of Hollywood’s funniest actors, Jim Carrey has suffered from depression for many years. The star was even prescribed prozac to help with the illness when he was at his worst.

5. Sheryl Crow

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The country superstar has fallen in and out of depression over the years. The singer now feels she has finally beat the illness with exercise rather than drugs.

6. Carrie Fisher

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The Star Wars princess has suffered from both manic depression and bipolar disorder for a large part of her life. At times she has even been hospitalised to receive treatment.The star has also previously battled alcoholism.

7. Janet Jackson

via Fanpop.com

The famous singer has been very open with her depression. Her autobiography describes in detail how she has coped with the illness and how her family life affected it.

8. Rosie O’Donnell

via Inkwellmanagement.com

The comedienne suffered in silence with her depression till she was 37. It was only then that she sought help and medication.

9. J. K. Rowling

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Not everyone knows that this author suffered from depression after her first marriage broke down. J. K. Rowling has said that writing the first Harry Potter story helped her overcome the illness.

10. Winona Ryder

via Miista.com

The iconic 90’s actress has also led a troubled life. Not only did severe anxiety when she was a child, she was also admitted to a psychiatric clinic when she 19 due to severe depression. She’s quoted as saying that she feels she is too sensitive for this world.

11. Emma Thompson

via Celebzz.com

The iconic British actress thanks her career for saving her from depression. The star suffered from crippling depression after her ex-husband Kenneth Branagh was found to be having an affair with fellow actress Helen Bonham Carter.

12. Jean-Claude Van Damme

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The action star first suffered from depression when he was a teenager. He was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the 90’s. The star has stated that it was his intense training that kept him from going under.

13. Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson is another actor who has suffered both manic depression and bipolar disorder. He has had a number of notable bad press with leaked phone calls, racist rants and a DUI which may have been due to his illness.

14. Brooke Shields

via hauteliving.com

The actress and model fell into postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter Rowan. The star admitted that her illness got so bad that she didn’t want to live anymore.

15. Jared Padalecki

via wikimedia

The Supernatural star is another star who has been very open with his battle against depression. Earlier this year the star had to cancel a number of appearances due to illness, however his fans are very supportive of his battle and even surprised him by raising candles to him at this year’s comic-con. A gesture he was very touched by.

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