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18 Songs To Make You Reminisce About Your Emo Years – No. 17 Will Leave You Haunted

Back in the 00’s emo music was at its greatest. This rock music was emotional, confessional and spoke to a generation. But now all us emos are grown-up, it’s nice to reminisce about back in the day and these 18 songs are sure to bring a smile to your face (or indeed a tear to the eye) as you remember your emo years:

1. Head Automatic – Beating Heart Baby

Baby, is this love for real?? Beating Heart Baby was an emo anthem back in 2004 when it was released. It had hearts, it had emotion and you could dance to it. Shame Head Automatica never released anything that could quite top this single.

2. Taking Back Sunday – You’re So Last Summer

Boys like you are dime a dozen! This TBS number had heartbreak, angst and a singer with nice hair – it was perfect. Taking Back Sunday have lots of songs that will speak to the emo in you, but You’re So Last Summer has to be the best.

3. My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay

We really weren’t okay. Thank you to My Chemical Romance for giving us a song to let everyone else know.

4. The All-American Rejects – Swing Swing

A wedding music intro, lots of guitar and a bad girl who broke a boy’s heart. This was emo at its best.

5. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – False Pretense

If we weren’t crying to songs about heartbreak we were getting angry to songs about betrayal.

6. Yellowcard – Breathing

Can you feel it beating, my heart sinking like a wave? Oh we loved the lyrics to this Yellowcard song.

7. Thirty Seconds to Mars – The Kill (Bury Me)

A video loosely based on The Shining, piano music AND Jared Leto really emoting.

8. Paramore – Pressure

Hayley Williams and her gorgeous voice captured the hearts of emos everywhere. Here’s when all the emo girls needed red hair too.

10. The Academy Is… – The Phrase That Pays

Another skinny boy with long hair and a emotive voice. Of course we were going to love The Phrase That Pays.

11. Cute is What We Aim For – Newport Living

Singer Shaant flicked his emo hair so much on a daily basis that it’s little wonder he didn’t have brain damage. Newport Living was their ultimate emo present to us.

12. Funeral for a Friend – Juneau

Funeral for a Friend were from a darker, more rocky emo-phase. We loved these little Welsh beauties and their pained songs.

13. The Used – All That I’ve Got

The Used often went from emo to screamo (emo but screamier) and back. If you were feeling particularly angry then this was a perfect song for you.

14. Fall Out Boy – Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Fall Out Boy were the princes of emo. This particular song is so full of angst that it doesn’t require vowels.

15. Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Panic! at the Disco were the start of a new kind of emo – dance emo! They were the only band that really pulled it off though.

16. Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Usually known for pop-punk, Green Day delved into the world of emo with Boulevard of Broken Dreams – how emo is that title? They also inspired a generation of males to start wearing guyliner.

17. Evanescence – My Immortal

A black and white video with Amy Lee wondering around in a white dress, bandages and singing about her pain. There was even piano.

18. Brand New – Jude Law and a Semester Abroad

A song about pure hatred for a girl – Brand New know how to make a great emo anthem. Brand New were always the kings of lyrics and Jude Law and a Semester Abroad was one of their best.

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