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15 Things You Need to Notice in the Batman vs Superman Trailer

There’s no denying that when the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was leaked from Comic Con, we were all very happy. Especially when Warner Bros decided to release a high quality version of the trailer not long after.

It’s an amazing trailer With LOTS packed into it. So it’s no surprise fans have been watching over and over again to try and pick up some information about the up-coming film.

Want to know what’s been spotted? Here’s 15 things to pick up from the trailer and what this could mean for the films:

1. Superman appears to have an armed group of soldiers

via Youtube.com

Not only are these military soldiers bowing to superman, but if you look at their shoulders you can see what looks to be the Superman logo.

2. We see these Superman soldiers killing later in the trailer

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It’s unclear why Superman would allow soldiers to kill wearing his logo. Perhaps this a cult inspired by Superman or it could be a dream sequence from Bruce Wayne as…

3. We see Batman fighting these soldiers

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This could fit into the Bruce Wayne dream theory as Batman dreads what Superman and his power could do to the world – i.e. a big evil army. It’s also a bit weird seeing Batman in cargo pants, maybe this really is a nightmare for him. However there is another theory…

4. “The red capes are coming”

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Lex Luthor can be heard saying in the trailer that the red capes are coming, which sounds awfully like those soldiers with the guns. Something which wouldn’t have been said if Batman had just dreamed them up. It’s interesting to note that Lex seems to be amused while he says this. What if Lex is behind this army?

5. Lex has Zod

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We see that Lex has a body bag which is opened to reveal the body of General Zod. What if Lex has been experimenting with Zods blood? It all seems rather ominous.

6. Superman bows to Lex Luthor

via Youtube.com

There will have to be a very good reason for Soops to bow to Lex. Perhaps if Lex is controlling the army he might be able to use that to control Superman to a degree. There’s also the chance that Lex is using Kryptonite as…

7. We know Lex has Kryptonite

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We can see in the trailer that Lex has come in contact with what looks like Kryptonite, however we don’t know how much he knows about the substance. For instance does he know how it affects Superman? And if Lex has Kryptonite, does Batman?

8. The Government isn’t happy with Superman

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We see Superman being brought before a US senator where he is to be held accountable for what happened in Man of Steel. This is not a politician to be trusted (ha!) though as we later see her…

9. The same US senator is seen visiting Lex Luthor

via Youtube.com

Does this mean that the senator is working for or with Lex? If she is then the situation is looking bleak for Superman.

10. The public isn’t happy with Superman either

via Youtube.com

“God hates aliens” – looks like some of the public are very anti-Superman. If the public are against Superman then there could be calls to try and control his actions.

11. Bruce Wayne was also affected by the events in Man of Steel

via Youtube.com

Bruce Wayne can be seen looking very angry about aliens destroying the city – including a Wayne building. What’s not clear is whether he’s just annoyed about the building or if something more tragic has happened. Also who’s the kid?

12. The newspaper article with the scrawl

via Youtube.com

“You let your family die” – but who is the family? There must be something pretty bad that makes Batman go after Superman quite so fiercely. A dead Robin makes the most sense but which one? There’s a leaked photo of Dick Grayson aka Nightwing’s grave leads to speculation that it could be Nightwing that died in the Wayne building. There is also a chance that Jason Todd (who was killed by Joker in the comics) could be killed in a different way in Batman vs Superman.

13. There’s a Robin suit

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What at first glance looked like a Batman suit is indeed a Robin suit if you look closely and see the symbol. There’s also what looks to be two bullet holes near the Robin symbol. Of course, there’s also the manner of the writing on the suit, which looks similar to the newspaper clipping and very much like it came from the Joker. Again we don’t know who the suit belonged to, however, with the Joker message and the comic history it’s hard not to believe this suit belonged to Jason Todd.

14. Wonder Woman looks brilliant

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There was a panel before the Batman vs Superman trailer at Comic Con showed Wonder Woman fighting in what looks like a WWII era suggesting that Wonder Woman could have been around for many years now. We don’t know much about her background in this film but it could be possible that she has known Bruce for a long time.

15. It looks like Batman might brand criminals

via Youtube.com

In one alarming scene we can see a the bat symbol which appears to be branded to a man’s chest. If Batman has taken to branding criminals then this is very ominous as it doesn’t seem like a very Batman thing to do. It could be that someone is baiting Batman with these symbols, but for now we don’t know.

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