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16 Things You Remember Doing in Science Class

Science class was great fun at school. Perhaps it was meant to be serious, but instead it was always full of fun and laughter. And some mishaps…

Here are 16 things you’ll no doubt remember doing in science class:

1. Stuck your fingers in the bunsen burner

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Because it made you feel dangerous.

2. You also burned whatever you could get your paws on

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May it be the rubber on the end of your pencil, a ruler or, well anything really, it was great fun trying to burn stuff when the teacher wasn’t looking.

3. You’d also forget to turn the gas off when you put them away

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There’s was always someone who forgot to turn off their gas tap making the place both stinky and potentially dangerous.

4. You wore your safety glasses on top of your head

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Because that totally protected your eyes

5. You raced your classmates to ensure you weren’t left with the scabby lab coat

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Because no one wants to wear that.

6. You then left your coat unbuttoned

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Despite the fact that offered you no protection at all.

7. You lost focus during acid/base titrations and missed the colour change

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So you had to make up your results.

8. In fact, you made up most of your results

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After-all, the experiments never worked.

9. You had to cut up fruit for a DNA experiment

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And you’d get into some amount of mess. And so would your partner as you’d HAVE to squirt some juice at them.

10. You’d find it impossible to see anything under a microscope

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What onion cells?! Of course, your neighbour would find their cells within 30 seconds.

11. You would get covered in iodine stain

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Leaving your hands an icky yellow colour for hours. Yuck.

12. You’d break a beaker or flask

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And the whole class would jeer you.

13. Frequent breakers would earn a reputation

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To the extent no one wanted to work with you. Even the teacher had you down as clumsy and dangerous.

14. You had to draw a map on paper after each experiment

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Every time that graph paper was put in front of you, you would forget how to do it. Then once you’d finished you’d look at your neighbour’s and see theirs was totally different.

15. Watching your teacher put potassium in water was amazing

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But you still secretly hoped they’d put too much in and cause a small explosion.

16. You lived for the day an experiment involved helium

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Because there was a very small chance you’d get to ingest the helium and make your voice all squeaky.

Steph Cosway
Journalism graduate and 100% geek. I have worked in writing for the last 7 years as well as dabbling in a science laboratory. So if I ever stop writing, it's because I've been in a lab experiment and turned into a super villain. I'm particularly interested in video games, comics and Harry Potter. Oh and I have lots and lots of cats.


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