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Who is the Richest Person on YouTube? Find Out the Top 15 Here

Did you know you could make this much money posting videos on YouTube?

Our viewing habits are changing and more and more people are turning off their TV and tuning in to YouTube to be entertained. With such a vast range of videos there really is something for everyone and so it is not surprising that it is so popular. What is surprising is the amount of money that can be made from uploading videos. These are estimated to be the top YouTube earners. It is impossible to know exactly how much they are earning but these estimations come from views, subscribers and adverting information.

1. DisneyCollectorBR: up to $13 million

A crazy amount of money to earn when you realise that the woman raking in the cash is never seen on screen. All we see are her hands unwrapping and showing toys while she explains what they are. Such a simple idea but toddlers love it and have racked up 2.6 billion views!

2. PewDiePie: up to $8.47 million

5.4 billion views show that PewDiePie’s now famous testing and reaction videos are not to be missed. He provides commentary as he plays computer games and has a camera set up so viewers can see his reactions. Viewers find him hilarious and he is enjoyed earning millions.

3. BluCollection: up p $6.38 million

BluCollection is similar to DisneyCollectorBR and the fact that there are links between the two channels has led to rumours about the relationship between the two hosts. Unwrapping and demonstrating toys in the same way but with a male host is almost as successful and BluCollection is reportedly bringing in just over $6 million a year.

4. Smosh: up to $4.50 million

Smosh was top of the YouTubers for a while but has fallen down the list a bit recently – not that over $4 million dollars a year is anything to be concerned about. This comedy duo created a whole network of YouTube channels and create videos that are typically ‘nerdy’ and amusing.

5. Kan & Aki: up to $3.2 million

As we have seen, toy reviews are a great way to get views, subscribers and dollars! These two Japanese children are so adorable that it is impossible to not understand why they get so many views.

6. HolaSoyGerman: up to $3 million

If you’re going to try and make it as a comedian on YouTube you’ve got to make sure you’re the best. Judging by the amount of views this guy gets he probably is the best!

7. TheRadBrad: up to $2.7 million

The King of YouTube walkthrough TheRadBrad offers helpful videos for desperate (or lazy) gamers and receives over $2 million in return.

8. Vegetta777: up to $2.59 million

How many play Minecraft? And how many people like to talk about what they are doing while they are playing? Thousands of gamers around the world do exactly what Vegetta777 does on a daily basis but there’s someone about his videos that keep viewers coming back for more.

9. The Fine Bros: up to $2.41 million

Reaction videos can be hilarious if done right and according to YouTube viewing figures no-one is doing them as right as The Fine Bros are!

10. PrankvsPrank: up to $2.26 million

Ashton Kutcher may have started the prank video craze but this boyfriend/girlfriend duo are pulling amazing pranks and getting paid to do it.

11. Crazy Russian Hacker: $1.8 million

CrazyRussianHacker provides videos of ‘life hacks’ aimed at making things that little bit easier. He is obvioulsy getting something right as he is reported to be earning nearly $2 million a year.

12. Bratayley: up to $1.6 million

Watching three kids go about their daily lives might not seem the most interesting of ideas but this simple notion has captivated YouTube viewers and is earning these youngsters more money than most people make as adults!

13. CoryCotton/Dude Perfect: up to $1.5 million

This group film themselves just being themselves. They watch sports and comment in an amusing way. They do stupid things and comment on them as well. Everyone does this at home right? Maybe, but not everyone is earning $1.5 million a year doing it.

14. EvanTubeHD: up to $1.3 million

Yet another toy review channel! It may be surprising that so many in this list are toy reviews but clearly that’s what kids enjoy watching. This 8 year old is apparently saving his $1.3 million per year for college.

15. Jenna Marbles: up to $350k

The only woman on this list is Jenna Marbles. Her funny videos (sometimes with her dogs) see her commenting on social situations in such an amusing way that she is thought to be earning around $350K a year!


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