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12 Awful Movies People Sweared They Won’t See Again Until They Received A Life Threat

We all love to watch a good movie, whether it be comedy, action, romance – there’s a movie out there that everyone will adore. But that doesn’t mean all movies are good. Indeed there are some movies in the world that are so atrocious that we wish we could unsee them forever.

Intrigued by such a notion? Here are 12 of the most awful moviees ever made:


via flickminute.com
via flickminute.com

Zardoz is one of those awful movies that is so bad it made itself into a cult classic. Just imagine Sean Connery running round in a red mankini while a massive stone head floats about shooting swords at people. Sound bizarre? That’s because it is.

Spider-Man 3

awful movies
via Flickeringmyth.com

Making awful movies is one thing, but when you make an awful comic book movie you start to really annoy people. Spider-Nan 3 was just… an abomination of the character Spider-Man. We all remember Tobey Maguire strutting down the street – bet that’s the part you wish you could unsee the most.

Howard the Duck

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via Comicmovie.com

Howard the Duck is, like Spider-Man 3, another lesson in how difficult Marvel comics can be to adapt. In the comics Howard is likeable, in the film movie he’s a creepy duck who walks about Manhattan smoking cigarettes.

The Matrix Revolutions

via Tamilgun.com
via Tamilgun.com

The first matrix film was superb. The second was a little odd. The third is just terrible. It makes like sense, there aren’t any substantial fight scenes and did we mention the story makes no sense?

Year One

awful movies
via Screencrave.co.uk

When a movie has a decent budget and two odd but hilarious actors as the leads, you sort of expect the film to be pretty good. You certainly don’t expert it to be one of the most awful movies ever. Year One was meant to mix comedy and biblical stories, which it did in the trailer. Unfortunately the three laughs in the movie were all in the trailer.

Van Helsing

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via Wattpad.com

Not only did Van Helsing have Hugh Jackman, it also had some of the best mythical monsters in Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and a Wolf Man. It even had some pretty impressive effects. But Van Helsing also lacked a plot, making this movie unforgivable.


awful movies
via Nowstreamingpod.com

Gigli is probably one of the funniest awful movies out there, but probably not for the reasons it was meant to be. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck gained a lot of giggles for having zero chemistry on-screen. The irony being that the two were actually secretly dating at the time. Oops.

White Chicks

awful movies
via Thesource.com

The most awful movies are the ones which are completely unrealistic. White Chicks definitely falls into this category. How did nobody notice that these two new sorority chicks look like they’ve had more plastic surgery than Janice Dickinson? Add that to offensive jokes and very few laughs and White Chicks is for sure a film you’d like to unsee.

Highlander 2: The Quickening

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via Dvdtalk.com

Highlander should have listened to its own tagline “there can only be one”, because the sequel Highlander 2: The Awakening is a tragedy to movies everywhere. This sequel totally ruined all that we learned in the original Highlander and confused us rotten. Please do not watch this film.

The Happening

awful movies
via Hqcovers.net

The concept of the Happening was really good – an eerie disaster where a neurotoxin causes people to commit suicide. It even has a few epic suicide scenes. That’s where the good stops though, Wahlberg and Deschanel were flatter than a pancake and the story went nowhere.

The Love Guru

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via Fanart.tv

When you finish watching the Love Guru you’ll have two main questions. Firstly, what kind of moron were you to willingly choose to see this? Then you’ll question Mike Myers – maybe we were all tricked into thinking he was funny… The Love Guru is offensive, sexist and the humour is, literally, in the toilet.

Batman and Robin

awful movies
via Theverge.com

The awful movie that broke every Batman fan’s heart. Where do we start? Freeze in fuzzy slippers? The Batman mastercard? Oh and there’s the terrible outfits. If, having seen the Bale films, you fancy more Batman movies avoid this one like the plague. The Burton ones are great, watch them instead.

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