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You’ll Never Forget the Periodic Table After Seeing These Fun Illustrations of the 112 Elements!


An artist named Kaycie D drew character representations for the 112 elements for the periodic table fun. She drew them by pencil and then scanned them into Photoshop where she then coloured them in as periodic table as humans. She did this as a way to remember them for chemistry class as  in senior year and the results are just spectacular! Now she uses them to help kids all over the world by selling them on her Etsy page. What an inspiring and talented young woman she is!

Below are just a few examples of Kaycie’s brilliant artwork:

1. Hydrogen

via boredpanda.com

Hydrogen is a small and light element that is cleverly represented as a character curling up in a wave of water.

2. Helium

via tumblr.com

Helium is depicted as a hovering man who gives of an air of nobility. How smart!

3. Carbon

via tumblr.com

Kaycie turns Carbon into a female and incorporates every form that the metal can take including, charcoal, graphite and diamond.

4. Oxygen

via tumblr.com

O2 is brilliantly portrayed as two floating identical twins.

10. Neon

via tumblr.com

Kaycie makes sure that this character glows the original colour of neon which is an striking orange-red.

11. Chlorine

via tumblr.com

Everything about this representation of Chlorine is perfect! The bathing costume, the shade of green, and the burning of the eyes and sinuses!

12. Calcium

via tumblr.com

Calcium is so adorable, she could have her own TV show!

13. Krypton

via tumblr.com

There’s really nothing else she could have drawn other than Superman is there? Except we love the twist on it being Superwoman instead. Go Kaycie!

14. Antimony

via tumblr.com

One of the lesser known elements, Antimony, is drawn as a brittle old woman shooting a gun to show that it is a fragile, yet deadly metal. Genius!

15. Platinum

via tumblr.com

Platinum could totally play a villain in a fantasy movie. In fact, he looks rather like Bowie’s Goblin King in Labyrinth!

16. Lead

via tumblr.com

Poor Lead! He was never going to have an easy life being heavily poisonous, was he?

via pinterest.com

See them all on Kaycie’s Tumblr.



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