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Which Celebrity Shares Your Unique Personality Type?

Ever wondered which famous celebrity you have the most in common with? Do you have the witticism of Tina Fey, or are you highly creative like Johnny Depp?  Thanks to modern cognitive psychology, this couldn’t be easier to find out!

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a well-known psychology test that determines your unique personality type. There are 16 types altogether, each made up of 4 letters:

  • Introvert (I) or Extrovert (E)
  • Sensor (S) or Intuitive (N)
  • Feeler (F) or Thinker (T)
  • Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

For example, if you were an Extrovert, an Intuitive, a Thinker and a Perceiver, you would be an ENFP. To find out your type you can take the test here.

Knowing your MBTI type can give you a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to the world around you. Below we have listed 16 different celebrities which correspond to each type.


Just like Madonna, ESTPs are mainly recognised for their fearlessness. They are outgoing, thrill-seekers who live entirely in the moment. They take a practical and hands-on approach to life and may come across as insensitive at times.

Courtesy of fanpop.com
Courtesy of fanpop.com


ESTJs like Hillary Clinton make excellent leaders. They value tradition and order and have brilliant organisational skills. They may not always consider others’ feelings but they can always be relied upon in times of an emergency.

Courtesy of whav.net
Courtesy of whav.net


Miley Cyrus is a great example of an ESFP as they are most fun-loving of all the personality types. They are warm, socially confidant and always up for a good time. Though they are extremely friendly, they can sometimes give the impression of being shallow.

Courtesy of capitalfm.com


If you are an ESFJ, you are a people-oriented person like Jennifer Garner. You are a great at organizing group events and strive to create a harmonious environment for all. ESFJs are amazing caregivers, but sometimes can be a little smothering.

Courtesy of fanpop.com
Courtesy of fanpop.com


Margaret Thatcher displays the driven and charismatic traits of an ENTJ. These people are natural born leaders who know how to cut to the chase. They are commanders of change and use their intuition to turn their visions into a reality. They have a hard time relaxing and living in the moment.

Courtesy of blogspot.com
Courtesy of blogspot.com


ENFJs are described as ‘teachers’ since they have a deep desire to enlighten those around them. They are generous, encouraging and deeply committed to causes they are passionate about. Like Oprah Winfrey, they have a great sense of what is happening, but can sometimes become too emotionally involved.

Courtesy of tumblr.com
Courtesy of tumblr.com


No personality type loves to debate more than the ENTP, and President Barack Obama is a perfect example of this. They are fantastic ideas-people and are always looking out for opportunities that elicit change. Their biggest downfall is that they lack follow-through and attention to detail.

Courtesy of whav.net
Courtesy of whav.net


ENFPs like Ellen Degeneres are known for their quick and quirky personas. They are curious, excitable and always have something new to say. They have many interests, but find it hard to stay focused for long periods of time. They want things to happen immediately, which can make them rather impatient.

Courtesy of blogspot.com
Courtesy of blogspot.com


Tina Fey represents the witty and independent characteristics of an INTP. They are highly rational and spend most of the time living inside their own heads. They love to detach from the outside world and analyse ideas in new ways. They sometimes have trouble with their emotions which can cause them to be quite cynical and sarcastic.

Courtesy of alloyentertainment.com
Courtesy of alloyentertainment.com


INTJs are known for their privacy, intelligence and intensity. They are masters at strategic planning and have deep need to be competent in everything that they do. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a prime example of this; he has always been extremely committed to his work whether in his physique, his acting, or his political campaign. Often they take life too seriously.

Courtesy of my.xfinity.com
Courtesy of my.xfinity.com


INFPs are, first and foremost, dreamers. They are sensitive, creative and crave harmony within their surroundings. Though they are shy, they are able to connect with others deeply on a one-to-one basis. They don’t like being boxed in and long to be appreciated for who they are. Johnny Depp embraces the imaginative spirit of the INFP.

Courtesy of tumblr.com
Courtesy of tumblr.com


Carey Mulligan embodies the INFJ personality with her gentle, yet complex nature. This type is fiercely protective and incredibly private. They have a strong ability to understand others’ feelings and always try to do right by themselves. Because of their introspectiveness, they sometimes push others away.

Courtesy of tumblr.com
Courtesy of tumblr.com


Natalie Portman and other ISTJs are logical in everything they do. Always planning ahead, they take their responsibilities very seriously. They have a knack for details and prefer to have routine in their lives. They can sometimes appear cold and impersonal, but they are faithful to the end. They just love seeing their ideas come to life.

Courtesy of fanpop.com
Courtesy of fanpop.com


If you are an ISFJ you are humble and nuturing. Like Princess Kate Middleton, you try to be kind-hearted to everyone you encounter. You appreciate structure and tend to work with passion and devotion. Because of how modest ISFJs are, you need to be aware of those who may take advantage.

Courtesy of cafemom.com
Courtesy of cafemom.com


Kristen Stewart is an ISTP because she has a ‘live and let live’ attitude. They may appear disinterested but they simply have no time for idle chit-chat and theory. They value their independence and love to be out and about, either on their own or with a few close friends. They aren’t comfortable revealing too much about themselves and prefer to let their actions speak for them.

Courtesy of fanpop.com
Courtesy of fanpop.com


Laid-back and gentle, ISFPs are harmonious people who take a practical approach to life. They are greatly compassionate and often found in the artistic or sporting field. They prefer to observe the world from a safe distance and are guarded with their feelings. David Beckham may be a person of few words, but he has a big heart and shows it through his actions.

Courtesy of wordpress.com
Courtesy of wordpress.com



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