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10 Things That Always Happen in the Cinema – We Bet #7 Drives You Nuts

We all love going to the cinema, but there is always something in that theatre which threatens to annoy the enjoyment out of us.

In particular, these 10 bad cinema habits really get our blood boiling:

You’ll turn up late and it’s impossible to find your seat

via fastcompany.com
via fastcompany.com

Just why is it so dark in there? Plus you don’t want to put the light on your phone on as you’ll glared at by all the good-two-shoes cinema goers who actually arrived early to see the film. So now you have to practically crawl up the stairs to avoid broken limbs and attempt to guess what row you’re on.

Going to the cinema alone makes you feel like a leper

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There’s a general consensus in life that going to the cinema alone is like admitting you have no friends in public. Which is sad, as finding people who like the same lame movies as yourself can be very difficult. If you do brave the cinema alone you’re likely to find a large circle round your seat as people avoid the lone freak. Which can actually be an advantage!

You shock yourself with the price of both tickets and confectionery every visit

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Every time you go to the cinema and see the prices of the tickets you have an inward sigh – is this film really going to be worth the small fortune you’re paying to get in? But that’s not the worst. The worst is the price of sweets and popcorn. You order one small popcorn and drink and you’ll find yourself handing over half your wages.

There is ALWAYS a bored child

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Whoever decided 12a was a good idea deserves a life in prison. Now you get stupid parents who think their 2-3 year old child can make it through the latest Avengers film. Well, spoiler, they can’t. They’re only kids with an attention span of 10 minutes. Instead they shout, scream and talk constantly over the film you spent a fortune to get in to.

You always get someone who thinks they can cross their legs in the chair behind

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And you end up with a twitchy knee in the small of your back. Look people, just sit at peace without your legs crossed. Leave us poor cinema goers alone!

Anything to do with a phone

via Reddit.com

Although we don’t get as many people with ringing phones in cinemas these days. There is still plenty bad with your mobile phone. For some reason people can’t seem to last one movie without checking Facebook or Twitter. This means that every so often you see a big rectangle of light in your eyesight as someone checks how many likes their last selfie got. It’s VERY distracting.

Someone will bring non-movie designated snacks

via healthyhappierbear.com
via healthyhappierbear.com

Yes, we all love eating in the cinema. But cinema food should be stuff like chocolate, popcorn or ice cream. It shouldn’t be stinky, hot food. Yet someone always seems to think it’s okay to bring in things like chips and curry sauce that completely stink out the cinema.

Talking. All of the talking

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A few whispered words to your friend never harmed anyone. However, there is zero need to provide a loud, running commentary of the film to the person beside you. We’re all watching the same film! Adults should really know how to shut up.

People who put their feet up on the seat in-front

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The cinema is NOT your living room. There is no need to be putting your feet up. Especially when you think about where a person’s shoes have been. That’s just gross. And do not get us started on people who think it’s okay to take their shoes off. Feet smell!

People who need the toilet numerous times during the movie

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A movie only lasts a few hours, if you go before you go in there is absolutely no reason to be running to the toilet every 20 minutes. Yet people will spend the entire movie running up and down the cinema stairs as they go back and forth to the loo. How do they even keep up with plot?


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