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11 Genuinely Good Video Games Based on Well-Known Movies

It’s very rare to find a video game that makes a good adaptation from a movie. There are many films where we think that the film would be so fun to play out with a joystick or a controller and it turns out that it’s a very dull game to play in reality. However, sometimes a game does manage to actually add a few elements that lean away from the movie a little bit that make the game actually really good by itself. We’ve decided to go out and have a look to see if we could find a comprehensive list of these gems in the rough. So here are our 11 genuinely good video games based on well-known movies.

10. Spider-man 2

The Spiderman films were a huge success and were some of the early signs of Marvel’s dominance in cinema. The Spider-man 2 game that came out alongside the film was actually one of the few direct movie tie-ins that was genuinely really decent. With some great web-slinging action, free-flowing combat and varied missions, this is still probably the best Spider-man game to date.

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