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11 Genuinely Good Video Games Based on Well-Known Movies

It’s very rare to find a video game that makes a good adaptation from a movie. There are many films where we think that the film would be so fun to play out with a joystick or a controller and it turns out that it’s a very dull game to play in reality. However, sometimes a game does manage to actually add a few elements that lean away from the movie a little bit that make the game actually really good by itself. We’ve decided to go out and have a look to see if we could find a comprehensive list of these gems in the rough. So here are our 11 genuinely good video games based on well-known movies.

9. Peter Jackson’s King Kong

The Peter Jackson version of King Kong wasn’t quite as well received as he may have hoped. The film felt like it lacked any action really despite the incredibly visual effects. The game however, was really quite fun and had plenty of action. You could play as King Kong himself and as the humans.

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