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15 Scary Diseases That Science Can’t Explain

There are a lot of scary diseases in the world, but there are also some bizarre, unexplained diseases.

From exploding heads to melting brains, these diseases will leave you baffled:

1. Acute flaccid myelitis

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A Polio-like disease that affects children, acute flaccid myelitis is neurological disease that causes paralysis.

2. Exploding head syndrome

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Sufferers from exploding head syndrome often hear large bangs – much like an explosion – within their head which doctors can’t explain.

3. Aquagenic urticaria

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Sufferers of aquagenic urticaria are allergic to water and will come out in a massive skin rash whenever they come in contact with it.

4.  Mad cow disease

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Originally only found in cows, humans became infected when they ingested beef that has been contaminated with brain matter. This is a neurological disease that basically turns your brain to mush. It is fatal and has no cure.

5. Stiff person syndrome

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There is no cure for this disease and it still baffles doctors. With stiff person syndrome your muscles progressively stiffen until the person is completely paralysed.

6. Nodding disease

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This disease was found in East Africa in 2010 and is thought to have originated from some form of parasite. Sufferers would nod constantly causing stunted growth and malnourishment.

7. Sweating sickness

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Originating as far back as 1485 in England; this disease started with headaches and shivers before the victim would start sweating profusely. It is very contagious and lead to death.

8. Kuru disease

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A variant of mad cow disease but in humans, this disease was only ever noted in Papua New Guinea. It was thought to have arisen through human cannibalism.

9. Dancing plague

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A bizarre dancing plague hit Strasbourg in 1518 where lots of people started dancing and couldn’t stop. Some even died from the exhaustion. Doctors are still baffled by the incident.

10. Porphyria disease

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Porphyria disease is believed to be the origin of vampire legends. Sufferers gums would protrude backwards giving the appearance of fangs and their skin would bubble if they entered sunlight. More unusually their poop would be purple…

11. Gulf War Syndrome

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Gulf War syndrome only affected veterans from the war and involved many different ailments including loss of muscle control and insulin resistance. It is thought it could have been due to uranium poisoning.

12. Cyclic vomiting syndrome

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This disease appeared in childhood and sufferers would vomit constantly for periods up to 3 weeks and then be fine for a few weeks before the vomiting started again.

13. Marburg virus

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First found in Germany in 1967, the Marbug virus is a hemorrhagic fever virus that causes horrific internal bleeding in victims.

14. Brainerd diarrhea

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Named after the town it was first discovered in Minnesota, Brainerd diarrhea causes the sufferer to have around 20 diarrhea episodes a day, every day for around a year.

15. Peruvian Meteorite Illness

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When a meteorite landed in Carancas in Peru, the local villagers went to inspect it. However all those who got close experienced extreme nausea. Doctors believe it may have been arsenic poisoning.

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