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You Won’t Believe These 15 Weird Beauty Trends Have Been In Vogue!

People do the weirdest things to their bodies. Scarily a lot of these times these beauty trends are either permanent or highly dangerous to your bodies.

These 15 weird beauty trends are some of the most bizarre of the last few years, would you try any of them?

1. Bubble nails

weird beauty trends
via Stylevitae.com

Bubble nails are bizarre. Think of them as looking like a nail technician did someone’s nails wrong and lots of people thought it was a trend and copied it. But really it’s just horrific.

2. Making your teeth crooked

weird beauty trends
via Huffingtonpost.com

While most people are desperate to have perfect straight white teeth (and will pay thousands for them) there’s a Japanese trend where girls pay for their teeth to be made crooked. Yes, you read correctly, they pay to get them crooked! Yaeba teeth is very bizarre.

3. Facekinis

weird beauty trends
via Ibtimes.com

If you visit Qingdao in China you might be in for a colourful surprise. That’s because this coastal town’s inhabitants wear facekinis to protect their faces from the sun. Having a tan in this region is very undesirable so the locals cover their faces to stay pale.

4. Crystal lips

weird beauty trends
via Stylealchemy.com

These 3D crystal lips are a rather bizarre trend. How exactly would you eat or drink anything? You’d end up with crystals down your throat.

5. Stiletto/Cinderella surgery

weird beauty trends
via Styleite.com

It’s nothing new that people are willing to dramatically and permanently change their bodies for beauty. However, there’s something seriously icky about the idea of removing parts of your feet to shorten them or make them fit into a pair of heels nicer.

6. Clown contouring

weird beauty trends
via Pretty52.com

Sure the end result is pretty, but the idea of clown contouring is simply weird. Why would you want to spend so long making yourself up to be a clown?

7. Bleached eyebrows

weird beauty trends
via Vingle.com

It’s only really supermodels who can pull bleached eyebrows off. But the trend became popular when celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus decided to make their eyebrows look alien.

8. Extraocular implants

weird beauty trends
via Funcage.com

Extraocular implanting sounds scary, and it is. This trend of eyeball jewellery is incredibly dangerous. Only really practiced in the Netherlands, the procedures requires both eyes to be anesthetised  and a small piece of jewellery is injected into the conjunctiva.

9. Ear pointing

weird beauty trends
via Bme.com

Ear pointing allows people to release their inner elf. It’s just incredibly painful (and odd) to get it done. Basically you get your ear cartilage slit open and stitched back into a pointy shape. Probably not one to show to your gran…

10. Anime eyes

weird beauty trends
via Mstarz.com

Anime eyes is a beauty trend where women try to make their eyes as big as the comic characters within anime. You need specially made contact lenses that will make your pupils look much larger. You’ll also need lots of fake eyelashes and some contouring skills.

11. The Japanese bagel head trend

weird beauty trends
via Nydailynews.com

Perhaps the most bizarre of all, the bagel head trend is a temporary body modification that will last only a day or so. Basically you have to sit for 2 hours to get saline injected into you in order to look like you have a big bagel on your head.

12. The merman

weird beauty trends
via Zmonline.com

A relatively new trend, merman like to dye their hair and facial hair all sorts of bright cartoony colours. Not sure you’d be happy to turn up to a blind date and find a merman.

13. Dyed armpit hair

weird beauty trends
via Cw33.com

Talking of weird dye jobs, while men have been dying their beards it seems woman have been dying their armpits even brighter colours. Utterly bizarre.

14. Reverse tanning

weird beauty trends

Normally it is a golden tan that people are desperate for, but not in the case of reverse tanning. Especially popular in South Korea, the process uses Nasa technology to make a person’s skin appear whiter and smoother.

15. Sunburn tattoos

weird beauty trends
via Latest-news-headlines.eu

A very dangerous trend, people use stencils to create a pattern on their skin while burning it in the sun. Very silly!

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