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15 Struggles Of Long Car Journeys In 2020

If you have any long car journeys looming around in 2020 or have recently been on one, then you’ll be sure to relate to these classic long car journey struggles. Whether you’re in the car with your family or your friends, these struggles are always very real.

Needing The Toilet

No matter how many times someone asks you if you need to go before you leave, the bad moment will strike when you have begun your travels.

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The Middle Seat

If you are the unlucky person that is either the smallest or drew the short straw then you are stuck in the middle seat, which means being crushed over time you turn a corner and being mad uncomfortable.

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Numb Body Parts

After a few hours, body parts start to go numb which then means pins and needles. However, wiggling your legs isn’t really an option when squashed in the back.

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Can’t Do Anything Else

What makes car journeys so boring is the fact you literally cannot do anything else but sit, look out the window and sit a bit more.

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Car Sickness

If you do attempt to amuse yourself with a book, phone or tablet then you will be sure to suffer those horrible consequences, in the form of travel sickness.

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Terrible Games

Whoever invented the long distance car journey games must have been the dullest person ever, for example, eye spy, enough said.

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via findmemes.com

Radio Wars

When your Dad wants dull chat shows but you want chart music and your sister wants cheesy pop, it is the ultimate battle of the radio wars and who can put their parts on enough to get their own way.

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via maximumpop.com

Even Worse CD’s

All family cars will have a collection of CD’s in the boot that are probably almost older than you are.

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via missliterati.com

If Someone Needs To Sing Along

There is always someone that chooses to sing along, despite sitting in a car full of people; and the chances that they are actually an amazing singer are pretty slim.

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via mtv.com

Long Main Roads

These are the most boring as when you’re looking out the window you see literally the same thing for hours, with the occasional cone or exciting lory.

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Passing McDonalds

This is the ultimate test of strength, driving past a McDonalds without stopping or even wincing.

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No Wifi Or Signal

Being in a car means no WiFi, which means using your own phone data, which is just pretty rubbish.

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via popsugar.com

The Person That Takes Their Shoes Off

There is always ‘that guy’ that takes their shoes off and causes everyone to open their window which in itself brings the dilemma of freezing or stinking the car out.

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Needing Something In The Boot

When you’re an hour into the journey with no sign of a stop and you realise there is something you really need in the boot of the car… unlucky!

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via hilariousgifs.com

Are We Nearly There Yet?!

Literally, are we?! This is the most annoying question but too true. The pain of long car journeys can really be too much sometimes and we wish someone would hurry up and invent time travel.

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via adamstoaus.wordpress.com


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