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A Full Size Titanic Set To Sail In 2018

The Titanic is arguably the most famous ship to ever have set sail with its grand interiors, luxury reputation and of course the dramatic ending to the huge ship! However, this has not deterred millionaire Clive Palmer the owner of Blue Star Line, that already specialises in luxury cruise holidays. Palmer and company are set to reincarnate the Titanic and set sail an exact replica in 2018!

via crusader.com
via crusader.com

The ship that is in construction is a huge 270 metre long and 53 metre high in size and will be named Titanic II, with the hopeful eventuality that it will be a success and not a sink… pardon the pun! However, with the famous fate of the first Titanic, Palmer has put in place a huge amount more safety elements than on the previous ship that was nicknamed ‘the unsinkable shipped’ which only carried enough life boats for under half the passengers hence the huge amount of 1,500 fatalities back in 1912. The marketing director of Blue Star Line said, ‘The new Titanic will of course have modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation and radar systems and all those things you’d expect on a 21st century ship,’.

Once more, the route this new Titanic will be taking is different to the original, hopefully avoiding any giant icebergs this time round! Instead of going from Southampton to New York the new version is set the sail from Jiangsu in Eastern China to Dubai! The concept of this new ship is to be reproduced as an exact replica to the original based on the amount of information that has been rescued and pieced together. As with the original, there will be first class, second class and third class tickets available to buy so that you too can experience the Titanic, which so many have wished was a possibility in the past.

via sutniznews.com
via sutniznews.com

Whilst the prices for the tickets are not yet confirmed, you can expect to be paying a premium due to the legacy this ship will sail with and the historical impact it has, alongside the luxury you are to expect once on the cruise, will you be stepping foot on the Titanic II in your life time now that it is a possibility?


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