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20 Epic Birthday Surprise Fails That Will Make Any Other Fails Look Like Nothing

Pulling off a birthday surprise is an exceptional achievement. It takes lots of planning, some epic secret-keeping and, most important of all, patience.

However, these surprises sometimes don’t go to planning resulting in some very amusing birthday surprise fails. Here are 20 of our favourites:

1. Never text about presents!

via Mylifeandkids.com

We’ve all been there with texts. You’re mentioning someone in the message and you send it to them rather than your intended. Which can be VERY embarrassing. At least poor Jessica here has just spoiled her mum’s surprise present. As for Jessica blaming her phone rather than that silly ol’ brain?

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2. The worst Dad in the world

via Reddit.com

Ouch! We get what you were going for Dad, you wanted to squish your child’s face into all that cake. Except you missed and bashed his head into the table… To be fair, putting his head in cake is pretty mean too. Then nobody gets to eat cake!

3. The surprise fart


Which is why you should ALWAYS be really careful about sneaking up on someone on their birthday.

4.  The most ungrateful kid in the world

This kid didn’t get the truck he wanted for his birthday so he has a MASSIVE freak out and destroys the truck with a bat. What a brat.

5. The kid who went in a huff when he got toilet roll for his birthday


When actually there was money wrapped in the rolls. LOTS of money. Never be grumpy when you get toilet roll for your birthday.

6. Leave sleeping kids sleep

This grumpy kid just doesn’t want to be a year older. His poor mum, she really is trying to wake him up with fun song and cake.

7. The honest cake

via Guff.com

Hopefully this cake is a joke, otherwise some poor kid is in for a nasty surprise.

8. The worst venue, ever

via Newsiosity.com

Oh dear, what silly venue did this? Hopefully Donna Marie missed her appointment with Specsavers or else she have her surprise party spoiled for her.

9. These cute kids who tried to surprise their teacher

They all got her presents, some lovely flowers and head to surprise their favourite auditing teacher on her birthday. Only to be told she took the day off. Oops!

10. Shhhh!

The older you get the more you realise naps are super important. Which is why we agree with this kid shushing these birthday singers. Wait till after nap time people!

11. The birthday boy who surprised his surprisers

Like the Jedi of birthday surprises, this guy knew his friends were trying to surprise them. One step ahead, he waits for them in a closet.

12. You had ONE job Dad

Men are not known for their great multitasking skills, which is shown plainly in this birthday surprise fail. Well walking and holding a cake is hard work…

13. The mean birthday texter

via Pinterest.com

Well that’s just mean. But it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. She’ll be thankful when she still has all her teeth.

14. The unimpressed moose

Don’t try to surprise you’re birthday princess with a moose hat. She will enter into an epic huff. This girl looks like she wants to Carrie the place up.

via Allmoviegifs.tumblr.com

15. When you mess up the surprise

Wait for it… Wait for it… Oh she’s gone by. Just push her back in. This lady does not look impressed, at all.

16. Balloons and candles should never mix…

This was never going to end well. Again it serves people right for playing with cake. Cake should be respected!

17. Well that didn’t go as planned

*Stunned silence*

via Randomreactiongifs.tumblr.com

18. Not quite the reaction that was expected…

This surprise was just all too much for Lily. What a cutie!

19. The terrifying Spider-Man

When these parents invited their friendly neighbourhood Spider-man to their boy’s 6th birthday they didn’t expect this reaction. Poor Spider-man.

via Giphy.com

20. Keep in mind surprises can be painful…

Confetti to the eye might not be the manliest way to be injured, but at least he was surprised! Hopefully no trips to A&E were needed.

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