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You Will Be Shocked to See What This Guy Was Doing At Beyonce’s Concert

You know Beyonce right? That incredibly famous woman who’s married to that incredibly famous rapper who have both been pretty much the height of celebrity for nearly a decade now? Well, apparently, for one man, Beyonce just isn’t quite interesting enough to drag him away from his book.

Yes, a hilarious video has gone viral on the internet of an old man sitting at the back of a Beyonce concert reading a book during one of her most loved songs. Drunk In Love is a song that usually gets any Beyonce fan up on their feet dancing and badly bellowing the lyrics back at her. It is even the highlight of a performance for a lot of fans, yet for this literate old man, he was not interested.

The hilarious video below, despite being recorded in portrait, hilariously shows this old man gently swaying along the song (so he must enjoy it a tad) reading his book at the back of the concert.

Admittedly, it does look like he’s rather far away from the action, to the point where it looks like he may even be on the verge of being outside. Still, everybody else around him are straining to see the world-famous pop star.

The grand[a has later gone on to have a small amount of fame as a result of the hilarity of said video. It’s been found out that the book he was reading was, in fact, a 53-year-old geography book in Greek. An interesting choice for sure which makes the story even more interesting.

Inside Edition have done a short interview with George Papageorgiou on their YouTube channel, asking him a few questions such as whether he enjoys Beyonce’s dancing, why he chose to read that book and whether his wife minded him reading said book.

It’s all very silly and all very funny. Why such a video has gone on to become so viral, we don’t know. However, after seeing George in the interview above, we are glad that lovely, intelligent men like himself can sometimes get exposed to the limelight to remind us that genuine, intellectual beings do still exist in the news!


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