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There’s a Secret Scottish Cake Shop That Makes the Cakes of Your Fantasies

Hidden away in the tiny Scottish village of Southend is possibly the greatest cake creator in the whole of Britain – Frances Hill. Her insanely gorgeous cakes have a massive social media following, and it’s little wonder, they look delicious. From cakes that are oozing creme eggs and massive meringues topped with your favourite sweets, this baker puts together the cake flavours of your wildest dreams.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to make the trip to Kintyre to visit Muneroy then you’ll know that these cakes are the best you’ll ever taste. If you’ve not been these photographs of Muneroy’s cake will have you booking your next holiday here before you can say “cake slice”…

1. Reece’s Peanut Butter Millionaire’s Slice

via Facebook.com

This just looks insanely good. Peanut butter, chocolate, caramel AND shortbread. Oh the taste buds are crying out for this.

2. Chocolate and Mint Cream Sponge

via Facebook.com

Just look at all that chocolate sauce oozing out! Mint and chocolate go so well together, and this cake is just shouting to be eaten.

3. Strawberry Scones

via Facebook.com

Those strawberries look gorgeous in these massive scones. Just imagine having jam and cream on them.

4. Butterscotch and Millionaires Sponge

via Facebook.com

That’s the kind of cake that you would swap your first born child for.

5. Chocolate and Hazelnut Sponge with Filled Nutella Cream

via Facebook.com

Usually you can’t beat just eating Nutella from the jar, but with this cake around you can keep the jar. We’ll have (all) the cake.

6. Gin and Tonic Sponge with Lemon Drizzle

via Facebook.com

Gin is good. Cake is good. Put them together? You get this beautiful masterpiece.

7. Coconut and Chocolate Sponge

via Facebook.com

Everyone who’s Scottish loves a good snowball. Seeing them on top of this chocolate cake just made our dreams come true.

8. Toffee and Tablet Gateaux

via Facebook.com

There are no words to describe how gorgeous this cake looks. Almost too good to eat (but we would).

9. Rolo Meringue

via Facebook.com

No, we wouldn’t share our last one.

10. Peanut Butter and Toffee Cheesecake

via Facebook.com

This looks ridiculously creamy and delicious.

11. Toffee and Tablet Cake

via Facebook.com

Just look at all that tablet on top of this cake!

12. Chocolate and Orange Cake

via Facebook.com

The only thing better than chocolate and orange is how delicious this cake looks.

13. Toffee Popcorn Meringues

via Facebook.com

All that these meringues need are a massive dollop of cream.

14. Chocolate Profiterole Gateaux

via Facebook.com

This cake looks so good we want to lick the photograph.

15. Honey, Almond and Chocolate Sponge

via Facebook.com

Just how amazing does this toblerone cake look?!

16. Creme Egg Cake

via Facebook.com

Just look at all those creme eggs oozing out of this cake! It makes you wish Easter was every day.

17. Strawberry Jam and Fresh Cream Swiss Roll

via Facebook.com

A polka dot Swiss roll – never have we seen a Swiss roll look so pretty.

18. Hot Toffee Apple and Blueberry Cake

via Facebook.com

Just imagine a slice of this on a cold afternoon.

19. Pancake Cake

via Facebook.com

This tower of sheer deliciousness needs to be on every breakfast menu.

20. Oreo and White Chocolate Fudge

via Facebook.com

This fudge looks utterly decadent. We’ll have it all.

21. Toffee and Apple Meringue Pie

via Facebook.com

These little pies are so dainty and adorable. We’ll try to stuff two in our mouths at a time.

22. Chocolate Truffle Macaroon Slice

via Facebook.com

If you love coconut then this tray bake slice will be simple heavenly.

23. Ice Cream Cone Cake

via Facebook.com

It takes some serious skills to make a cake like that.

24. Rainbow Cake

via Facebook.com

Bright, fresh and looking delicious. We’ll have a massive slice.

25. This Baked Alaska Chocolate Fondant Cake

via Facebook.com

Just look at all that gooey chocolate oozing out this cake! And that toasted Alaska outer coating! Just wow.


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