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Forget a Boring Halloween – 13 Super Creepy Ideas for Throwing an Awesome Halloween Party

Now that winter is on its way it means one thing – no not Christmas. It’s nearly time for the funnest day of the year, Halloween.

You really can’t beat a Halloween party, but to make sure that all your guests are truly terrified you have to make sure that you have the creepiest ideas. Which is why we’ve put together 13 absolutely spooky ideas for your Halloween party:

1. Severed Finger Hot Dogs

via Partytipz.com

Just how gross (but oddly delicious) do they severed finger hot dogs look? They’re really simple too. All you need is some hot dogs and a knife to carve into them. See the full instructions here.

2. Bloody Hand Print Towels

via Thedesigndaredevil.com

Just how creeped out will your guests be when you they nip to the bathroom to find this? All you need is some cheap fake blood, some old white towels and your hand. You can also use an old toothbrush to create some blood splatter too.

3. Jelly Worms

via Indestructibles.com

This recipe will make you a bowl of super firm jelly worms. Indeed, these are so realistic that we feel a bit queasy looking at them. Get the recipe here. 

4. Give the Kids a Spook with These Treat Bags

via Ellaclaireinspired.com

Why give out sweets on normal bags with you can make up treat bags using surgical gloves! Boxes of gloves are pretty inexpensive then just tie with a ribbon and add spider rings for extra effect.

5. DIY Gothic Candles

via ThelittlethingsDIY.com

This simple trick is perfect if you want to make your white candles look like they’re bleeding as they burn. Just light a red candle and drip the wax on to your white candle. A very simple, but very effective Halloween trick.

6. Blood Splatter Cookies

via Flavorfuljourneys.com

If you’re not the Mary Berry of cake design it can be pretty daunting when you see all these amazing Halloween designs, which is why these blood splatter cookies are so good to make. You could even buy plain biscuits and decorate them yourself. If you want the recipe you can get it here. 

7. Make Your Own Pickled Head in a Jar

via Incrediblethings.com

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a severed head in a jar. But, before you go out to decapitate your annoying neighbour, it’s easy to make your own with just a photograph. Get the instructions here. 

8. Use Chicken Wire to Make Garden Ghosts

via Lifecheating.com

Halloween needs to be spooky, which is why these Halloween figures are perfect. Just mould some chicken wire into a figure and place round your garden. For extra scariness add some glow-in-the-dark spray paint.

9. Anyone For a Spider in their Drink?

via Stylishspoon.com

There are very few people who are fond of spiders, which is why it’s so hilarious to make these Halloween spider ice cubes. Just put some plastic spiders into ice cube trays and freeze. When they melt in your guest’s drinks they’ll be in for a nasty shock…

10. Glowing Eyes

via Justpo.st

A very simple way to decorate your home for Halloween is by using toilet rolls and glow sticks – sounds very Blue Peter doesn’t it? It’s as easy as making eye holes and adding a glow stick.

11. Spider Web Balloons

via Makezine.com

Just how epic do these spider web balloons look? You can get the instructions on how to make them here. 

12. Ghastly, But Delicious, Ghost Treats

via Pinterest.com

These are more adorable than cute, but we still love them. Get the recipe here.

13. Poison Toffee Apples

via Pinterest.com

Halloween toffee apples usually look more tasty than scary. Not these ones! These look like the apples the witch used to kill Snow White, which is why we love them! Get the recipe here. 

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