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15 of the Funniest Medieval Reactions That Accurately Portray Modern Day Life

For every scenario that life throws you, you can guarantee there’s a hilarious medieval reaction that describes it perfectly. Here are the 15 of the funniest medieval paintings that portray those awkward moments and sticky situations we always get ourselves into!

1. When you’re getting your school photo taken but want the squad to know you’re street AF.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

2. When you’re getting wavy in the club but your ex walks in.

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3. When your friend sends you a file labelled “nudes” at work.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

4. When the lecturer tells you the class isn’t compulsory.

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5. When your best friend is hammered but you just wanna go home and watch Netflix.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

6. “Hey guys, look I’m going downstairs!”

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7. When your pal’s mum bought that new Lenor fabric softener.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

8. When you catch him favouriting another girls’ Instagram pics.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

9. When you wasn’t going to snitch on him but you got offered a £20 reward.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

10. When you the holy spirit and the son of almighty god but you’re still not on the VIP list.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

11. When you spent the week catching up on House of Cards instead of revising and the test is tomorrow!

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

12. When you’ve got a parent-teacher conference at 6 but you’re out with the gals at 7.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

13. When she says she has a thing for vegans.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

14. When you rescue her from a burning building but she says “I have a boyfriend”.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

15. When your jam comes on in the middle of the Civil War.

via Twitter / @MedievalReacts

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