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8 Beautiful Baby Names Parents Wished They Knew Before

So your little bundle of joy is just waiting to greet you, and you’re still without a name. Ring any bells? Well, don’t worry. Plenty of parents will tell you that deciding what to call their child was one of the most strenuous tasks they’d never anticipated! After all, it is a name you will be using a lot – perhaps even yelling it on the odd occasion!

By now, you’ve probably exhausted your list of potentials so, in honour of harvest-time, here are nine delightful names for you to think about:

1. Autumn

Let’s face it, nothing shows off your love for the Fall season like christening your newborn after it! This beautiful English name is the perfect suggestion for a child born in September, October or November. Used predominantly for girls, Autumn has become increasingly popular over recent years, but is still distinct enough to be special. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt gave her daughter this name in 2013.

via: eonline.com
via: eonline.com

2. Brook/Brooke

We can all agree that when it comes to Fall, Mother Nature shows off her best colours. An Earthy-name like Brooke would be the perfect homage, carrying the wonderful meaning “lives by the stream”. Brooke is ideal for a baby girl, while Brook or Brooks are lovely suggestions for your little man. David and Victoria Beckham gave the name a unique twist by naming firstborn Brooklyn.

Courtesy of celebritybabyscoop.com
Courtesy of celebritybabyscoop.com

3. Jack

This popular boy’s name is a firm favourite all year round, but especially fitting for your October prince. Not only is it well-loved name, but it also takes inspiration from some of the best Halloween legends to date (Jack Skellington, Jack Frost, and Jack-o-Lantern, to name a few)!

Courtesy of 8tracks.com
Courtesy of 8tracks.com

4. Luna

In the spirit of Halloween, we also have Luna; a celestial female name with Ancient Greek origins. While it’s definitely unique, it has become slightly more widespread thanks to Harry Potter’s quirky and loveable friend Luna Lovegood.

Courtesy of 8tracks.com
Courtesy of 8tracks.com

5. Rain

Another nature name, this is a charming fit for any little boy or girl. Occasionally spelled as Raine, it can also be used as a middle name for those who feel it’s a little too ‘out there’. In 2014, Christina Aguilera chose the pretty Summer Rain for her little princess.

Courtesy of aguilera-online.blogspot.com
Courtesy of aguilera-online.blogspot.com

6. Rowan

A more traditional suggestion, Rowan is a unisex name of Gaelic origin. Its meaning is ‘little red head’, but it is also a term for a flowering tree with red berries. Alternative spellings an include Rohan and Rowen. Actress and model Brooke Shields chose this name for her daughter.

Courtesy of justjared.com
Courtesy of justjared.com

7. Sabrina

Yes, we all know it’s associated with a certain Teenage Witch, but it is also a stunning name for a little pumpkin. According to legend, Sabrina originated in the 19th century as a Celtic Goddess of the River Severn. She was described as a young woman of zest and endless beauty.

Courtesy of celebritybabyscoop.com
Courtesy of celebritybabyscoop.com

8. Willow

You can’t go wrong naming your daughter after the great willow tree. Sturdy  yet flexible, it holds a powerful meaning. This gorgeous name has been a big hit with celebrities including singer P!nk and actor Will Smith.

Courtesy of fancy.com
Courtesy of fancy.com


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