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Three Simple Household Tips To Kill Patio Weed

We all hate weeds in between the patio as it grows again once we take it out and constantly look for a permanent solution to weed out completely. The experts shared three life saving tricks that will surely kill the pesky weeds popping up through the cracks. This gardening tip is surprisingly simple to follow. 

Luckily, these methods are also the cheapest to kill weeds. These weeds not just become messy over time but also get worse and cover the whole patio. The experts suggest just three domestic items to get help with for removing the weeds. 

Best Methods to Weed Out Completely 

These methods don’t cost much because they are natural and you don’t have to visit a storefront to buy tons of items. 

First Method 

The experts say, “just using vinegar can kill the weeds in your patio.”

They further added: “Products with high acidic values are usually effective, but you should avoid spraying them directly on soil as substances like vinegar can break down the soil structure and kill them.”

Vinegar can be used on its own or diluted with water, however, be cautious if using it on weeds alongside plants you want to keep alive.

It’s simple. Just focus on the stem and spray vinegar on it. They also added, “You need to be careful as vinegar will kill anything it’s sprayed on” that’s why it needs to be sprayed just on patios or the specific weeds you want to get rid of. Since it’s the permanent solution the weeds would not grow again. 

Second Method 

You can use baking soda to kill weeds growing in gravel and patios. Just use a teaspoon for a single thicket of weed, target the stem. You will notice the plant will dry out and due to lack of moisture. Same goes for it, do not use it on a plant you don’t want to weed out. Just target it on the surfaces you want weed free. 

Third Method 

Salt is another natural household item that can help keep weeds at bay. The third effective method is using table salt. Just using salt, which is a commonly used item in our homes, you can completely get rid of weeds.

The experts add: “Salt has been used as a herbicide and pesticide for hundreds of years and is very effective.”

Instructions: Make a solution of salt by mixing it in water. The salt should be ¼ of the solution and mix it well unless salt completely dissolves in the water. Then spray the solution on weeds which you want to get rid of. Do not use it on the grass which you want to keep. Just use it on the unwanted weeds. 


All three methods are cheaper and time saving than any other method you are using. We have all these three things already available at home. Even if you have to buy them, they cost pennies. 

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