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How To Build DIY Geodesic Dome Houses – Pro Explains Steps To Get One?

We all want to build DIY Geodesic Dome Houses, don’t we? We recently contacted Johnny Bayles, a professional designer, architect, carpenter and more importantly expert who has been building geodesic dome houses for his clients.

Johnny Bayles belongs to the family that believes in making dream structures come alive. He has worked with a number of popular companies in the Pacific Northwest and Antarctica for building custom homes. His custom home designs will challenge your common notion as they sit on any ground plain, snowy, rocky or uneven. 

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Recently he invested all his energies to create a 20′ in diameter and 10′ geodesic dome greenhouse which people loved on social media. That’s just an example of how professional his custom designs are. There are tons of other projects that he has accomplished all related to building amazing structures. He strongly believes in Buckminster Fuller’s illustrious permaculture theories and practices.

Here is how he proceeds to build a geodesic dome. Anyone can get plans about getting their own domes on his website Goldentrillium or any help regarding them.

What material does he use to build geodesic dome houses generally?

“These domes are built with framing grade douglas fir and finished with a UV deck stain or paint. The cover material is a very strong 9 mil woven greenhouse that is UV treated and anti-condensing on the interior.”

You must be wondering how long would the geodesic dome greenhouses last? To that he replied ”The base to sit on pressure treated lumber to keep the dome strong for decades to come.“
These domes can easily sit on fine or uneven both grounds. That’s why you see these domes built on many popular locations where it’s impossible to raise a structure. For example Antarctica.

Here he has shared the basic steps he usually takes to build these domes

Map it out, consider the measurements and make a 3D model first. Here is an example from Johnny Bayles’ Mushroom Dome Project

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How to build a pentadecagon deck for foundation – So if you have to build the foundation for it, this is how it needs to be done.

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Although most of the time it’s built without such foundation. It depends how you want it to be.

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As it appears so simple. Technically it requires some pro carpentry that cannot be done without. Make sure it sits well and is even or the whole structure would be rather a mess.

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Multi-wall polycarbonate is a great way to make your dome shell bomb-proof and add insulation!

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Definitely a lot of hard labor is required achieve this perfection

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If you can’t DIY, ask for expert’s opinion

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Does not this dome give you psychedelic vibes?

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A perfect example of a geodesic dome greenhouse

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This one is from Johnny Bayles latest project in partnership with a beautiful seaside lodge and community Souwester.

Source Goldentrilliumgeo

Building a 20′ Wood Frame Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Time-lapse


Contact Johnny Bayles for step-by-step instructions and plans: website | Facebook | Instagram

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