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CA Dad Creates Most Instagrammable Photos With Daughters That Inspire Million Of New Dads

Sholom Ber Solomon a California based dad with his two daughters has remained in news for twining up with daughters. From ballerinas to hula dancers and most of the movie releases; he dresses up to play with his daughters and snap photos in funky avatars. The internet is in love with this dad for the avatars.
His photos on social media have gone viral for the obvious reasons and received thousands of likes and shares. He has been featured on Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, NBC, Brightside and many others. They were also featured in a TV commercial. 

He started wearing matching costumes when his first daughter Zoe was 9 months old. It was the first time their photos went viral on facebook. The spark did not stop there, when his second daughter was born Olivia was born he found another partner in her. It’s been three years since the family has remained a social media sensation. 

We all love to create memories with our children but going to this length of creating artistry really requires the best of a man. We have gathered some of their most memorable moments shared on social media which received immeasurable applause.

Yodel-e-day Yodel-e-doo ‘hosen and calcium with my Zoe-zoo

Source Sbsolly

MOOOve over milk, time to toss that carton to the side!

Source Sbsolly

Make today a Toy Story 4 kind of day. Disney and Pixar’s

Source Sbsolly

What am I going to use my other 2 wishes on, now that I’ve been granted these amazing Pair of Thieves magic carpet socks from the new awesome Aladdin film now out in theaters.

Source Sbsolly

Up Next, Lady Zoe will be playing old McDonald in E-Minor!!

Source Sbsolly

Oh jolly wolly, lovely jubbly, delicious tea and crumpets and biscuits and milk and marmite and yum

Source Sbsolly

On which day do monsters eat people? Chewsday

Source Sbsolly

B-I-N-G-O!! Now time for the early bird special and some late night jeopardy!

Source Sbsolly

Sorry Olivia..NO GOAL!! that was clearly OFFSIDE which violates rule B16 section 13 and codified in Law 11 of the rules of the game!

Source Sbsolly

Tea time for the ladies…and the kids too

Source Sbsolly

DC Comics presents: Wonder Woman and Unimpressive Man!

Source Sbsolly

More info Sbsolly: Instagram | Facebook



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