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12 Surprising Facts About Barbie – Can You Guess How Many Jobs She’s Had?

Barbie is the most famous blonde in the entire world. Every girl played with her when they were a child and many more have tried to look like her when they grew up. But how many Barbie facts do you know? For instance, do you know if Barbie or Ken are older? Or how many jobs our favourite blonde bombshell has had?

Read through these 12 Barbie facts and become an expert on the most plastic celebrity of them all:

1. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts

barbie facts
via Fastcompany.net

Yes, our favourite doll’s real name is Barbara, which is a very grown up name. No wonder she chose to have a cooler, hip nickname.

2. Barbie’s first job was when she was 17 as a “teen age fashion model”

barbie facts
via Etsy.com

A surprising Barbie fact is that at that time Barbie was available in both brunette and blonde. She would become exclusively blonde later on, but Barbie could easily have been a brunette.

3. Since her first job, Barbie has had over 130 different careers

barbie facts
via Space.com

These careers have included rapper, astronaut, school teacher and vet. More recently Barbie has become an entrepreneur to inspire more young women to go into business. Indeed, another Barbie fact is that our favourite doll traveled to space first in 1965 – 4 years before man landed on the moon.

4. Most people think Barbie is from Malibu, but she’s not!

barbie facts
via Youtube.com

Actually Barbie is a small town girl from the fictional Willows, Wisconsin.

5. Ken is actually younger than Barbie

barbie facts
via Tumblr.com

Barbie was first released in 1959 whereas Ken came on the scene in 1961. He is officially 2 years and 2 days younger than Barbie. Does that make Barbie a cougar?

6. Barbie and Ken have never been officially married

barbie facts
via Rcstoys.wordpress.com

They were together for 64 years before their split in 2004. Don’t worry though, our favourite plastic couple are back together again.

7. During their split Barbie dated someone new!

barbie facts
via forums.vampirediaries.com

His name was Blaine and he was an Australian surfer.

8. The best selling Barbie ever is the Totally Hair Barbie

barbie facts
via Splashingviolet.tumblr.com

Released in 1992 it was especially popular as this Barbie had hair right down to her perfect toes. Bet the hair was a nightmare to keep brushed though!

9. You might think pink is Barbie’s eye-shadow of choice…

barbie facts
via Tumblr.com

However it is actually brown!

10. Barbie has delved into the world of politics

barbie facts
via Tumblr.com

She has run for president a total of six times since 1992. She has yet to win though.

11. Barbie’s first pet was a horse named Dancer

barbie fact
via Theoldstore.com

Which is quite an excessive first pet – what happened to getting a hamster or a goldfish?

12. Since her horse Barbie has had a multitude of pets

barbie facts
via Tradetroubler.com

Barbie has had well over 50 pets in her life. This includes 21 dogs and 6 cats – she is clearly a dog-person. She has also had a pet giraffe and zebra!

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