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15 Tips to Bag a Bargain Holiday


Its summer time and the time where instagram is flooded with hot dog for legs pictures, beautiful sun sets and sun kissed tans; all this is enough to make anyone jealous and want to fly out to a luxury destination as soon as possible. Here we have sun together some tips on how to do this and save money in the process.

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Book Far In Advance

This is the rule of thumb, if you are very organised and book well ahead, you will bag a holiday cheaply. This also means you have a huge run up to get excited about the holiday.

Book Very Late

The later you hold out to book your holiday, the cheaper it is. Sometimes you can find huge bargains when booking to fly in the next few days; this is also undeniably very exciting.

modern-suitcase-MAINCut Down On Baggage

If you cut down on baggage and manage to bring all your holiday goods in a hand luggage container then not only do you save money on the flight but also means you save time as you can skip the long queues to check in.

find_seat_mapsBook Flight Without Seat Reservation

It is cheaper to book flight seats without a reservation, this means you might have to take a slight gamble if travelling with others because there might not always be multiple seats available together.

all inclusiveAll Inclusive

Try choosing an all-inclusive holiday to save money in the long run. By booking all inclusively, you save lots of money on small spends that soon add up such as drinks and ice  creams. This also means you can relax and avoid the panic when you realise you don’t have enough currency to last you the week!


Compare holidays against different providers as they might be able to offer more discount, a better deal or more features included.




Ring/Go Instore

Try ringing the holiday providers or going in store to try and haggle a discount or slightly lower price. It also makes the process easier and less stressful if you are not too confident when booking online.

social_iconsSocial Media

Check large holiday companies social media sites such as twitter, facebook and instagram as they often run holiday competitions, flash sales or discounts.

cosmetics-sliderBuy Toiletries Out There

To save on luggage weight and get away with choosing a lighter luggage allowance then buy your toiletries when you arrive to your destination. Often shampoo, conditioner and shower gel and towels can weigh a lot, so simply buy these products when you arrive abroad and leave them when you travel home.

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Book During Sale Periods

Try booking your summer holiday during a sale period, often holidays are advertised at a fraction of the price and for a limited time so be quick and bag a bargain.

Balloons-Sale-percent-offFind Promo Codes

Before booking a holiday, search the internet for promo or discount codes, this might not always be successful but if you are you could find yourself saving money on your summer retreat.

flight neck restPound Shop For Travel Accessories

Flight accessories are often extremely pricey in airports when often you can find a very similar product in low cost shops, such as pound shops and online such as Amazon.

lunchbox-pinkBring Own Snacks

Although liquids are not allowed through customs in an airport, food and snacks are. Often food stops in airports charge huge amounts of money for not so great food, so come prepared in your hand luggage and save spending before even flying to your holiday.

schoolsummerholidayAvoid School Holidays

Unless you are travelling with children that are in school, try where possible to avoid booking a holiday within the school holiday weeks. The prices rocket when the schools break up so look a few weeks in advance and save the money.

starDon’t Base Holiday On Star Rating

Although star ratings are often a great way of indicating how luxury the hotel is and also sounds pretty impressive if you travel to a 5* hotel. However, sometimes these star ratings can be deceiving and you might be able to find the exception where the star rating may not effectively reflect how brilliant the hotel is. Try researching your holiday hotels on websites such as tripadvisor, where you have real reviews from previous tourists.


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