The 6 Most Ridiculous Sports We Can’t Believe Actually Exist – #5 is A Complete Disaster

Why kick a ball around with some friends when you could have a shin kicking battle or toe wrestle? You won't believe that these sports actually exist.


Fancy a spot of tennis, basketball or football? Boring! Why play a conventional sport that actually makes some kind of sense when you could be spending your time tumbling down hills or climbing mountains to do your ironing. Without further ado, here are the 6 most ridiculous sports we can’t believe actually exist.

Rock Paper Scissors World championships

Believe it or not, a tournament takes place every year in Las Vegas where the winner walks away with fifty thousands dollars just for shaping his hand like a rock, paper or scissor. If you watch the video below, you’ll see just how intense things can get at these mind boggling competitions. We usually just play the game when deciding who’s going to bite the bullet and pay for everybody on their credit card. But these guys take it super seriously and sometimes earn a nice lump of cash.

In 2002, the World Rock Paper Scissors Society (yep) released a standardised set of rules for international play and made things as official as humanly possible.

Toe Wrestling

Yes, this really exists. The rules are pretty simple. You lock toes with your opponent and begin chanting, “one, two, three, four” before attempting to pin your foe’s toes down for three seconds. Of course, shoes and socks have to be removed before you begin to engage in this truly ridiculous battle. It probably comes as no surprise that alcohol had a little something to do with the origins of this sport. The World Toe Wrestling championship was invented at a pub in Derbyshire in 1976. The organisers even tried to to get the “sport” included in the 1997 olympics, but unbelievably they were turned down…

Shin Kicking

The title really says all you need to know about this real life sport. You grab your opponent by the shoulders and precede to kicking the living hell out of their shins. You earn yourself a point when you cause your opponent to tumble over and battles are won on a best two out of three basis. The sport originated from the bigger Cotswold Games which started in Cotswold, England in the 1600’s and is still played to this day. Thankfully, contestants have a thick layer of hay on their shoes, but it still looks pretty brutal.

Dwarf Tossing

That’s right, there’s no typos on that title. You might recognise this morally outrageous sport from a particular scene involving Leonardo Dicaprio’s character in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf Of Wall Street. Dwarfs wear padded uniforms covered in velcro and are thrown by people onto walls also covered in velcro. The aim is to throw the consenting dwarf further than your opponent. The exact origins of the sport are unknown, but you can get a $5000 fine and a six month presence if you play in Canada.

Strangely enough, the UN High Commisioner of Human Rights in France made the decision of allowing dwarf tossing as a sport to continue back in 2002. The sport is still going strong in Australia as well, with several human rights groups very rightly rightly trying to make it illegal.

The 6 most ridiculous sports we can't believe actually exist
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Cheese Rolling

We’re actually glad that this sport exists because it is both chaotic and completely epic. Held once a year at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester, a wheel of cheese is set rolling down an incredible steep hill with members of the general public chasing it. The results are rag-doll city and are absolutely bonkers, with men dramatically tumbling and flipping down the hill at ridiculously fast speeds. Injuries often occur for the people taking part, and even the cheese itself can occasionally inflict some damage. Travelling at speeds of almosyt 115 kmh, a wheel of cheese flew into a spectator in 1997 and actually broke their nose. Unbelievable!

Extreme Ironing

This seems like less of a sport and more of a bizarre lifestyle choice. Participants carry an ironing board to remote locations like ridiculously high mountain tops and iron items of clothing. The official website describes the appeal of this activity much better than I could. It’s “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.”